5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Product Package Stand Out

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5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Product Package Stand Out

Every entrepreneur knows that there’s no feeling so satisfying like the first order your online business gets. All that planning, funding and advertising finally paid off and your product caught someone’s eye. But that shouldn’t be where your efforts stop.

In the era of online shopping, unpacking the product is everything. Well, not everything but it’s the same as window shopping once was. A creative product package can help sell more by sparking the interest. And if your product goes viral or is often shared on social media, you can expect your sales to skyrocket. But how to do you do that?

Through the package.

Just go visit YouTube and type in “unboxing”. Chances are there’s enough to scroll for days. No matter what industry you’re creating the package for, chances are someone is going to be enthusiastic enough to feature your product on YouTube. And if that package catches the eye of their followers… Well, you do the math.

In this article, we are going to give you five cheap and easy ways to make your product package shine.

Add Interesting Inserts

Did you ever wonder why online industry titans like Amazon always feature inserts in their package? Because they work! And even better, they are really cheap.

What type of insert you add depends on you. It can be a business card, a discount coupon, product catalog (remember those) or a postcard. To make it even more personal, consider adding a handwritten note with a coupon if the volume of your business allows it. You can print out the rest of the insert and just write the discount code and thank your customer by name.

Your clients will appreciate the effort.

Add a Box Print

Even if you don’t have the budget to print your custom product boxes, you can always easily add your own personal stamp. Literally. You can use a custom 5 by 5inch stamp to mark regular boxes and add something unique like your logo.

While this is very cheap, it will require a lot of work depending on the volume of your business. Because of that, it doesn’t hurt to have some help on standby.

Use Colored Boxes

It has been scientifically proven that colors affect the way we think and feel. They can also make a regular product package memorable. If your company has a color your clients identify you with, try to find boxes of the same color. Another interesting idea is to have the boxes colored on the inside too and use stickers, ribbons and other elements to contrast the main color. This is sure to catch the eye of future customers.

Get Creative with the Materials

Luxe papers and ribbons sure leave a great impression, but you can get a fun product package for a lot less. Using low-cost materials and a bit of creativity you can create an outstanding package. So don’t be afraid to get creative with the materials you use for your product. Think about using aluminum for the inlay of the box or use twine, wallpapers, old newspaper and other materials to make your package stand out.

Start Using Stickers

Want to hear the best way to turn a dull box into a great one? Stickers! They’re fairly cheap to print, easy to stick and can drastically change the way your product package looks. You can use different stickers with your logo, inspirational quotes or funny images. For example, if you’re selling medical marijuana and related products like tinctures or accessories, you can decorate your box with a sticker featuring marijuana leaves. You can use stickers for decoration, to secure the box or even as custom tapes.

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