5 Questions to Ask a Commercial Contractor before Hiring

Clare Louise April 27, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Questions to Ask a Commercial Contractor before Hiring
5 Questions to Ask a Commercial Contractor before Hiring

Making a wrong choice of construction company can be costly and very frustrating, therefore to ensure factors such as quality, courtesy, good communication, experience, and professionalism, there are some pertinent questions to put forward to prospective construction companies before hiring to have a grasp of their worth and delivery capacity. They include:

#1: Are you Certified and Insured?

Commercial construction companies must be well certified for their job and have the necessary license to operate. This question is imperative, as many companies may tell you that their license expired recently but that it does not mean they are not capable. Do not opt for such companies. Ask about their training, educational level, apprenticeship, etc., to determine if they are up to your specified standard. Ask about their insurance to know if any damages or accident on the job site is insured.

#2: Do you Offer Warranties and Guarantees?

Construction companies must be willing to offer clear and firm warranties about their services and to give assurance of upholding your desired specifications. Good companies like the DCM commercial construction company give time frames and ultimatums to complete a project successfully, and most times fall within the time range.

#3: Do You Have A Customer Database?

Construction companies that have no past record of handling your kind of desired project may not be well-suited for such a job if do not have significant experience with those kinds of projects. For instance, a company with rich history of constructing shopping centers may not be right for taking on a school building project. Another important step is to check for past and present customers’ feedback on the company’s website to see the reputation of the company. Watch out for negative complaints and do not hire a company with negative feedback.

#4: Will I Have A Project Leader?

It would be highly stressful having to bring your concerns to random, rotating workers. So, to save the stress, inquire about the team or project manager,  and ask about the manager’s work schedule to see if they would have any cause to be absent anytime during the project.

#5: How Many Pending Works Does the Construction Company Have?

This question would determine if they would pay full attention to your project or if they are going to be rotating of shifting between sites. Managers should be readily available to attend to your concerns.

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