5 Tennessee Neighborhoods for Families 

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5 Tennessee Neighborhoods for Families 

Tennessee has a lot going for it. The state has comfortable weather, no state income tax and a low cost of living, making it an ideal place to raise a family. Here are five particularly great neighborhoods in the state that you may want to check out.


Farragut schools have average test scores of over 80%, much higher than the national average. What is more, the high school graduation rate is well over 95%. The neighborhood also has a low crime rate, 20 schools to pick from, its own library and a number of parks. The cost of housing is quite high but the neighborhood amenities are more than worth the extra cost.


Collierville is home to over half a dozen public schools and, like Farragut, has a high graduation rate and high average test scores. At the same time, the cost of buying a home here is far lower than in Farragut and other high-end neighborhoods, making this the ideal place to live for those who don’t have an unlimited budget.


Germantown has been rated as being the best overall place to live in the state of Tennessee and it’s not hard to see why. Average test scores stand at 72%, more than 95% of the population has a high school degree and nearly two-thirds of all residents have a bachelor’s degree. There are plenty of public and private schools to pick from as well as numerous parks and public transport options. The only downside is the high cost of housing in the local area.


Hendersonville has a high graduation rate, higher than average local test scores and nearly 20 public and private schools for parents to pick from. The average cost of housing is lower than other high-ranking neighborhoods; at the same time, the area has a low crime rate and plenty of amenities. With help from a professional loan officer in Hendersonville, it’s not hard to find great housing at a very reasonable price.


Maryville’s 24 public and private schools have higher than average test scores and the neighborhood has a high graduation rate. What’s more, it’s safe, has plenty of amenities and offers great housing opportunities at very reasonable prices. A mortgage in Maryville is far easier to pay off than a mortgage in other high-end neighborhoods throughout the state.

Each of these amazing Tennessee neighborhoods has much to offer. Consider the many loan options at your disposal and then choose the spot that best suits your family’s needs and budget.

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