7 Things Employers Usually Look for in Talent  

Carol Gilmore July 27, 2017 Comments Off on 7 Things Employers Usually Look for in Talent  
7 Things Employers Usually Look for in Talent  

Every industry has their own mission and vision. They have specific preferences when it comes to quality, standards, and employee values. These standards means it’s important for future employees to be dedicated individuals who are integral in the  growth and development of the organisation.

Although some people may have plenty of skill, they may lack good work ethics. Others have great ethic but lack the experience. Many recruitment companies believe it’s impossible to find the “perfect” candidate, but the right one may be just around the corner. They just need to know how to find you, and how to best present themselves.

If you’re a part of the percentage currently searching for employment, you’ll appreciate this articles insight. This may be an opportunity to challenge yourself to grow. If you’re in a position where you’re job hopping from one job to another, it’s time you seek out the right company to work for. It’s time to consider valuable and rewarding employment, and prepare yourself to become the right fit for a meaningful organisation.

Here are five things recruiters usually look for in employees:

  1. Relevant Skills. Recruiters look for candidates that have specific skill sets that match their current job opening. If you’re eyeing a specific position, start learning! Not all skills are necessarily learned at school or from previous jobs. Sometimes it takes research and minimal training.
  2. This is a very rare find for headhunters. Most people simply looking for a promotion, or to improve their salaries. While these are common motivations for job seekers, for an employer, nothing beats working with an honest or reliable individual. Become that person, and set your motives right!
  3. Ethics. Since many transactions are done remotely, even work and recruitment online, ethics has become unpopular and often perceived as not that important. But for most companies and majority of industries, this is still a deal breaker. Be conscious about your time ins, work schedules, breaks, courtesy towards colleagues, and general behaviour.
  4. Hard work. If you feel that you fall short of certain minor skills in terms of job qualifications, and you’re naturally hard working, there’s no need to stress. Patience and perseverance combined can exceed the most intelligent person in the talent pool. You can still get hired if you show enough enthusiasm and dedication.
  5. This is a main trait that recruitment is looking for in their candidates. Enthusiasm keeps the fire for progress burning. A passive and uninterested employee can easily be replaced by a more motivated and enthusiastic individual. This relates to the concept of will over skill.
  6. Another interesting trait that headhunters look for is versatility. Versatile employees are hard to forget. They go the extra mile, adapt to change, multitask, and can finish work on time. Additionally, versatile employees are good team players and leaders.
  7. Savvy Individuals. Since every industry makes use of advanced technology, it’s time to adapt. Devote yourself to self improvement so that the next time you come up for a job interview, you’ll know how to sell yourself and outshine the other candidates.

For those looking for jobs, don’t ever think that you are indispensable. It’s time to start taking your job seriously. Stop focusing on the monthly paycheck, and start investing and getting excited about company growth and progress. These kind of skills will sustain you for life, much more than the monthly cheque.


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