Anything about IronFX: the Features

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Anything about IronFX: the Features

Nowadays technologies allow many people from all over the world to trade currencies through the internet which is called Forex. For some people, especially broker, this kind of business has excellent potential. Literary, forex stands for foreign and exchange which means an activity to exchange currencies. The exchange activity happens daily in a cycle throughout the world which starts from New Zealand and Australia then move to the west to Asia, Europe and the last region, America.

The main purposes of forex market are divided into three; the first is to make the currencies exchange process easier as well as provide the market. The second purpose is hedging which means to protect the currency’s value. The last purpose is arbitrage in which give the value of rate of interest from 2 different currencies.

In the forex market, there are many companies which provide the exchange activity such as IronFX. This company was founded in 2010 and has been one of the leading companies in the trading market.  IronFX has approximately 200 company branches in several countries worldwide.

Security and Regulations

For most brokers, regulations, security and transparency always become the main consideration for choosing company. This company which based on Cyprus collects numerous international regulatory standards such as FCA from England and ASIC from Australia to name a few. Besides, IronFX is also the member of Compensation Fund in which gives guarantee for clients who happen to experience financial failure.

Account at IronFX

One of the best features of IronFX is account classification according to the client’s character. In general, there are two types of account which are individual trader and institutional. In specific, there are five accounts for the individual clients which are premium account, VIP account, STP/ECN account, and zero fixed spread account. For the institutional, there are three different account options which are Affiliated, business, and managed account. Each of account has different specification; therefore the clients can choose the one which suitable most with the personality.

Beginner and Customer service

IronFX is the first company with customer supports which speak in at least 45 different languages. Moreover, for the premium account the company provides individual customer support, however even the micro account also get excellent service. There are non-stop customer service for 24/7 through email, live chat, fax, and even phone line.

Platform Provided

For the exchange transaction, IronFX uses Metatrader4 which is one of the most used platforms for currency exchange in the planet. The main feature of this platform is automatic trading which also becomes many traders favorite. Besides Metatrader4, the company also provides Web Trader Platform which allows the member to access the account everywhere as long as there is internet connection. Moreover, IronFX also provides plenty other platform options which can be accessed easily from smartphone and other mobile gadgets.


Trading options

Comparing to other broker companies, IronFX offers the widest trading options and there will always a pair for every trader. There are more than 120 currencies from all over the world for trading options. Moreover, IronFX also allows their clients to trade for other limited pairs such as gold, platinum, palladium, silver, and many more.

With all the global regulations and security as well as broad trading options and many platforms, IronFX has become many people most chosen broker company.

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