Business Grilled Meat

Joseph Herrera April 20, 2018 Comments Off on Business Grilled Meat
Business Grilled Meat

A business grilled meat and becoming a master of one is easier said than it is done. There are times wherein the meat ends overcooked, or too rare or not fully cooked. But you want to just impress your guest and make a steady business meat, then here are the things that you need to consider before you throw another steak into the griller.

  • You need to choose your meat

Not all meat is created equal, and not all meat tastes the same. As most professionals have said, the best tasting and the juiciest meat will have to be the rib eye. Rib eyes are known to be very tender and fatty, thus making it very flavorful. When selecting a rib eye, it is best of you select the spinalis cap of the meat as it is known as the most tender meat on the cow. This kind of meat is the best to grill.

  • You can pour a glass of wine

There is nothing greater than a glass of wine while eating steak. Aside from grilling your steak and tossing a baked potato or tossing a salad, you can pour a glass of wine ahead of time so that you do not need to multitask. You can then give your attention to the grilling of the steak.

  • Unwrap your steak and let it sit for an hour

The key to making a great steak is to let the meat sit on a room temperature for at least an hour before you grill it. It is not recommended to throw a cold slab of meat straight on the grill because chances are it will not get cooked to its perfect temperature and it will be difficult to grill it, you also will not get the char on it. Once the meat has adjusted to the room temperature, then the meat can relax, and it can soften up fast. You can also bring the meat to its grilling state and its prime.

  • Season your steak

The usual season of meat is salt and pepper. Saying this may be basic, but there are those who do not season their steak especially when they grill it. It is best to rub some salt and pepper into your meat before you throw it on the grill to give it some flavor.

  • Grill your meat on high

When you want to grill your meat, it is best to grill it while the temperature is hot, and it should be as hot as possible. If you do this, it should not take long for your meat to cook and you can get the flavor that you want. If you want a medium rare steak, then each side of your meat should sit on the hot grill for at least four to five full minutes. Once you see a char on the side of the meat, then it is time for you to take your meat off the grill.

  • Take your meat off the grill and let it sit for a while

Once you are done grilling your steak, it is advisable not to eat immediately. It is best to wait for at least five minutes before you eat it or serve it to your guests. Allowing it to sit for a while can give the juices of the meat a chance to redistribute into the steak.

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