Careers In The Biotech Industry

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Careers In The Biotech Industry


When people think about biotechnology, a number of them think of a lab scientist developing lifesaving medical devices or drugs. This image is definitely representative of a popular biotechnology career option; however, lab work is just one of the many careers in the biotech industry. There are a number of new problems to solve and fascinating discoveries to make and as such, there are many ways in which biotechnology professionals are able to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

It is important to note that the biotechnology industry is a key economic driver, producing roughly $140 billion in revenue per annum. Currently, biotechnology firms in the United States employ more than 1.66 million individuals. However, with the need for fast-paced innovations, the demand for experienced experts will continue to go up.

What Can Be Done With a Biotechnology Degree?

The majority of individuals do not realize that biotechnology has a number of different career paths that can be pursued by students after they graduate. There is no need for them to strictly pursue an occupation as a technician or associate scientist at a company that makes pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

The field can be described as “interdisciplinary” and “complex” and it should be noted that biotechnology extends way beyond biology and chemistry. This discipline can be applied to a number of industries. Professionals will be able to find meaningful and exciting work in areas outside of primary drug development.

The biotech field and its associated careers span many other practical areas that are equally as vital in getting an essential biotechnology product on the market. Included in these areas are:

• Manufacturing
• Clinical research
• Research and development
• Government (policymaking)
• Quality assurance/regulatory affairs
• Software engineering
• Food, environmental and animal science
• Project management
• Business management
• Sales and technical support

The biotech industry has applications in a number of different industries and as such, professionals are able to choose to become employees of a wide variety of organizations. These include private companies, government agencies, clinical laboratories and regulatory bodies. Employees in the biotechnology industry range in type and size from global pharmaceutical leaders to small start-ups. There are also federally-funded organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Agriculture that provide opportunities for indivdulas to pursue careers in the biotech industry.

Two Sought After Biotech Careers


These individuals are educated in biological processes like heredity, disease, cell development and cell growth. They also learn about the chemical properties of living things. Biochemists conduct multifaceted research projects and often isolate, examine and synthesize DNA, proteins, carbohydrates (sugars), lipids (fats) and other molecules. In addition, they research the effects of nutrients, hormones and drugs on biological processes and tissues to develop processes and products that could improve the health of human beings.

Biomedical Engineers

These professionals combine their expertise in engineering and biology and use it to design solutions to different problems that come about in the fields of both biology and medicine. They have a goal of improving both the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services needed by patients. As such, they design biomedical and medical devices and pieces of equipment like diagnostic machines, prostheses and artificial organs.

Extraordinary developments are happening in the field and these include personalized medicine, industrial disease treatment, gene therapy and hazardous waste control. However, the most exciting thing about the industry is the fact that regardless of the part of the field in which you end up working, you will be able to truly impact the world around you in a positive way.

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