Commercial Auto Insurance Lines

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Commercial Auto Insurance Lines

Do you have a business that requires operations to be carried out by vehicles? Like with cargo van, straight trucks, buses, limo etc. Do you know that commercial vehicles have a greater chance of meeting an accident? Have peace of mind when your vehicles are on the road because no matter how careful a driver would be, accidents can happen.

A wrong insurance cover could clean-up your lifelong earned revenue. Therefore, you need specific commercial auto insurance for your business line to eliminate the risk.

Your business needs commercial auto insurance, if:

  • You own, leases or rents any light/heavy vehicle.
  • You provide pick-n-drop service to your employees in own, lease or rented vehicles.
  • You or your employees drive their personal vehicle for business operations.

There are two types of businesses, one where a vehicle never gets out of the city limits, and then there are the fleet owners. We have a special note for the fleet owner. Reduce your risk with a commercial auto insurance plan. Your complete business assets run over the freeways. Commercial auto insurance provides not only security from the possible claims that could end up your life overnight but also the comprehensive costs after the accident would be out of your bounds; one small premium can stop the catastrophe.

What risks are covered?

Commercial auto insurance protects your business and your assets from the first party and third party accidental claims. Many Insurance lines provides a complete array of commercial auto insurance which is highly customized, in general, they provide cover when,

  • Your company vehicle hits a pedestrian, and the pedestrian requires medical attention and hospital bill payments.
  • Your company vehicle damages public or private property and it is required to be paid for the damages.
  • Your company vehicle damages another vehicle and totals it.

Is commercial auto and personal auto insurance same?

Businesses involve much more risks, which is why commercial auto insurance line has emerged. If you compare the two options, you’d find commercial auto insurance has a much bigger sphere. Take the fact, if you meet an accident in your personal car, while you’re driving for the business purpose of your own or your company. Your car insurance company might not pay the claim. However, if you’ve taken appropriate commercial auto insurance, you will be covered.

Commercial auto insurance is expensive, right?

It’s not necessary that the commercial auto insurance will be expensive than the personal auto insurance. The policy premium depends upon many factors. Most important is the cost of claim, if the cost of claim for the personal auto is higher, say – for a luxury car, personal auto insurance premium will be higher. Personal auto insurance claim usually axes out at $500,000 while commercial insurance claim can get up to $1,000,000.

It’s better to high premium higher claim plan for the commercial insurance as it will be a huge mistake to risk a business by not paying a few more dollars to increase a greater claim amount. Save your business revenue by investing in the right plan.

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