Create an Impression with Your Trade Show Exhibits

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Create an Impression with Your Trade Show Exhibits

For the business establishments, it is important to take part in the trade show exhibitions. Your presence in the trade fairs reflects your brand image as well as quality of products and/or services offered by your company. The way you represent your company in the trade shows sends a clear signal to the attendees that you are interested in face-to-face interaction with them and willing to promote new arrivals on such an open platform.

It is not about just participation but participating in a way that brings return in form of dollars. Your stall in the trade show should create a strong visual impression and impact on the visitors. The display should be such that people are forced to stop by your stall and learn about your brand.

Take Off

Before you embark on the pre-shows planning, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your objectives behind trade fair participation?
  • What is your plan to accomplish your goal?
  • What is the size of the proposed event?
  • Does the event organizer want to target national, regional or local audiences?
  • Do you have any plan about the location or size of the stall at your event?
  • Do you regularly participate in trade shows? How many trade shows will you attend annually?
  • How will you carry your displays to the show?
  • What is the upper limit of your intended investment for the exhibition? A customized display does not come cool on pocket.

Types of Displays in Trade Shows

Base your choice of displays on the type of trade show you are going to be a part of and your objectives at each event. Here are the most standard types of trade show displays:

  • Panel Displays: These offer a flexible option. Such displays comprise inter-connected rectangular sectors and look like a wall. This type is easy to adapt to various configurations and sizes.

  • Pull-up Displays: These involve an easy method to lend an aesthetic accent to your stall. These resemble a reverse window shade. Depending on your design requirements, you can place these displays together in different booth locations.

  • Pop-up Displays: These comprise lightweight folding frames complete with magnetic-backed plastic panels, vinyl or fabrics to create angled or curved walls.

  • Tablet Displays: These are inexpensive options. These lightweight displays are common finds in smaller events and easily placed on the top of a small/large table. These displays have easy-to-change and simple-to-upgrade headlines and Velcro-attached graphics in their panels (usually three).

How to Choose a Company for Exhibit Display

In the age of internet, it is easy to find out a reliable company for your exhibit displays at any trade event. Type in the key box and big daddy Google will generate thousands of suppliers. Choosing one when choices are plenty is a big deal and a great deal of time, effort and above all, intelligence goes into the final selection. Base your selection on the following points:

  • Experience of the company
  • Effective communication skill
  • Type of service you need
  • The company’s reputation in delivering quality of work
  • If the company completes projects on time
  • If its charge is easily affordable

How can you be sure that a particular company has the above-mentioned qualities? Talk with the participants to gather information about different suppliers. Once you make a list of the suppliers, meet them to determine which of them can meet your purpose and budget.

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