What Are the Different HGV Licences

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What Are the Different HGV Licences

There are different options available to you if you want to become an HGV driver. The EU defines Heavy Goods Vehicles as anyting that weighs over 3,500kg. You need to obtain a licence and to receive comprehensive training if you want to drive one of these vehicles professionally. There are different types of HGV and LGV licences and you need to choose the right one for your career.

Obtaining Your Driver CPC

A CPC is a Certificate of Professional Competence. This is a qualification that all HGV drivers need to obtain before they can start driving. You will have to to pass an exam that includes four different parts. The CPC exam includes two parts with theory and two parts with practical tests. You will then need to follow training sessions that last for 35 hours and will have to take these training sessions every 5 years. You will also have to pass a medical exam every 5 years.

What is a Category C1 Licence?

A category C1 licence is a basic HGV license. This licence is just above a regular UK driver’s licence and allows you to drive a vehicle of more than 3,500 kg but you cannot drive anything that exceeds 7.5 tones. You can drive a truck, a lorry, a tractor trailer and other types of vehicles but there are a few limitations regarding the types of vehicles you can drive. If you passed your drivers test prior to 1997, you can automatically obtain a C1 licence. Check to see if this apply to you since obtaining your C1 licence could be very easy!

What Is A Category C Licence?

You can drive a vehicle that weighs more than 3.5 tones but that does not exceed 32 tonnes with a category C licence. These licences are sometimes called Class 2 licences and are usually necessary to drive a vehicle with a cab and a fixed trailer. This is the licence you need to drive a standard lorry and this is the licence that most HGV drivers have. The weight of the vehicle itself should not exceed 750 kg. You cannot obtain a Category C licence if you are under the age of 18. This licence will allow you to receive more advanced training in the future, including your Category C and E license.

What is a Category C and E License?

This is the most comprehensive type of HGV licence you can obtain. You can drive a vehicle with a draw bar or an articulated vehicle. The E means entitlement and allows you to drive a vehicle that weighs over 750 kg. This licence is sometimes called a Class 1 licence and allows you to drive any large goods style vehicle, including double trailers.

Details regarding limitations and requirements sometimes vary. Stay up to date with the latest changes that apply to the licences you possess.

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