EXNESS Account – the first step for your success

Clare Louise June 3, 2019 Comments Off on EXNESS Account – the first step for your success
EXNESS Account – the first step for your success

Many people are so nervous about choosing the broker and the broker’s account when they first enter the foreign exchange market, because they think the initial mistakes will greatly affect their next journey! After survey and considerations, it’s not just because of its reputation that it’s my real experience, I would love to try your “first step” with Exness forex broker.

This article will help you learn 3 types of Exness account and help you feel more confident in its business path.

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Cent Account at Exness is used by the following 3 customer objects:

  • First, there are traders who just who had just participated in Exness forex broker. Therefore, they may be completely unaware or only dimly understand the standards of the forex market that Exness get. The questions seem to be: Exness account is good or not? Exness leverage is high or low? How fast does the request executed? However they know that they deposit 10$, then you will get 1000 USC in account. So, they open Cent Account just for checking all the above
  • Second, many traders use Scalp robot to trade as a tool to trade many requests at one time Just to catch the waves, this robot can trade smoothly. Thanks to this feature, a trader can prioritize other accounts with the small volume of trading. The trading order volume of Cent account has the smallest of 0.01 lot Cent. It means around 0.0001 lot USD. Easy, fast, convenient are all the words to say about Scalp robots
  • Last, Cent account would help the traders, who do not have much experience and are learning transaction, to reduce the risk of losing a lot of money. Moreover, a trader can experience in real conditional transaction, also get real money withdrawal.


Mini account is one of the most popular accounts of this good forex broker. The strength of this type of account is that it does not require a minimum deposit amount, not only that Mini account at Exness give minimum trading volume with only 0.01 lot, the low spread is from 0.3, and Exness leverage is 1: unlimited. Exness minimum deposit is the reason for 80% of traders choose the Mini account when they begin.


Classic account is table account due to designed for traders to make huge transactions, the spread of this account is from 0.1 for EUR/USD pair and without commission fee. Moreover, its push is also higher, and the price goes down so fast.

As I can see, almost professional trader are using classic about since Exness minimum deposit is $2000 for the first time after that trader can deposit as much as they want. Therefore, I completely recommend to open Classic account if you intend to invest in long-term and save significant spread costs. It can be said that Classic will be a perfect choice for you.



Exness ECN account is not out of sight of the professional traders. Most of them trade with ECN account which is not as good as the normal account, because Exness ECN account is not stable, the price often fluctuates very fast, widely and decreases dramatically. Besides, ECN transaction is more complicated, requesting more knowledge and techniques. This is the reason why Exness forex broker releases Classic account. However, Exness minimum deposit of ECN account always at acceptable level with $300 and Exness leverage is 1:2000. May be missing if not mentioned their spread is almost no.

Below is a summary about the types of Exness account. Wish you have the best choice!

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