What Facilities You Need to Hire for Your Construction Site

Joseph Herrera August 8, 2018 Comments Off on What Facilities You Need to Hire for Your Construction Site
What Facilities You Need to Hire for Your Construction Site

There are so many different facilities that are needed when running an efficient and productive construction site. It is vital that you have the correct facilities for the smooth running of the site and comfort of your construction workers. It is actually a legal requirement to provide adequate construction site facilities, as set out in the 2007 Construction Design and Management Regulations.

Below we share the range of construction site hire facilities that are needed for the efficient running of your construction site and welfare of all workers.

Static welfare units

The static welfare unit is an essential part of the construction site. This is where your workers can rest, get clean, and have something to eat and drink. These units are available in all sizes, so can comfortably accommodate all workers on site and are often also known as site cabins.

Site cabins can be used for a variety of reasons including office space and as a safe storage facility. These spaces can be fully customised and designed to suit your specific construction needs.

Portable toilets

All construction sites require portable toilets. These can range from re-circulation units and trailer units to disabled toilets. Depending on your location and access to local amenities, you’ll be able to hire the correct toilet for your site. Ideally, toilets should be connected to the mains water, but this isn’t always possible. Another option is to install chemical toilets. As a general rule, you’ll need at least one toilet for every seven workers.

Wash facilities

Every construction site needs adequate washing facilities. The construction site is a messy working environment, so workers need instant and readily available access to showers and wash basins. Static welfare units can be equipped with wash facilities, which are usually situated next door to the toilet block. There should be hot and cold running water, ventilation and good lighting. All wash basins should be large enough for workers to comfortably wash their arms. If your working environment deals with hazardous chemicals, there should also be a designated shower room.

The rest room

The rest room should be a comfortable space in which site workers can relax between shifts and while taking a quick break. The room should be well equipped with comfortable chairs and tables and should be well ventilated. Ideally, the rest room should have somewhere to quickly heat a snack, have access to water for drinks and should be heated to a comfortable temperature.

The portable canteen

Every construction site needs a portable canteen. This should be separate from the rest room. During a 12-hour shift, construction workers should have access to hot drinks and hot food. The portable canteen can be run by a generator to provide cooking facilities. The space should also include dining tables and chairs.

Secure storage and lockers

Finally, it’s important that your site is equipped with safe storage facilities for both workers and equipment. You can use vandal proof storage for all equipment, and lockers can be installed to safely store personal property.

Going down the construction site hire route makes good financial sense. Every construction job and work site will differ in its number of staff, and size of site. This will have an impact on the amount of different facilities that you will need. When you choose to hire you can hire only what you need. Ensure that every construction site has somewhere for your workers to eat, wash and rest.

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