Five Awesome Job Search Tips for Freshers

John McDonald May 30, 2017 Comments Off on Five Awesome Job Search Tips for Freshers
Five Awesome Job Search Tips for Freshers

Where and how can I find a job? Is there any Chennai job vacancy? These is a questions on everyone’s minds and lips as they try to ride out the tough economy. These questions will especially haunt if you are a fresher.

Here are 5 simple yet powerful job hunting tips for the fresher’s:

1. Start off with 5 – 10 target companies

Begin your quest by targeting a few companies. There are many ways to identify the companies that you are seeking for. For example:

  • Search for companies that will hire people from your industry or people with your degree or score.
  • Google firms by typing the firm name, followed by space, then the word ‘near’followed by your ZIP code. This will show all the companies near your area
  • Using company search by choosing an industry type & location can also prove helpful.

2.Do a little research on the target companies. 

It always surprising to find that most of the people miss out this basic yet crucial step. It is not just fresher’s, even the experienced folks walk straight into an interview without making a conscious effort to learn about the company and what it does.

About the company is probably one of the most common interview question that people fail to answer and hence get rejected. So, it is important do alittle research. You could either learn about the company through their website or even use Jib search sites like Monsterto your benefit.

3. Develop Networks

We all know that virtual networking through social media is very crucial, yet these type of networking typically build shallow relationships. Thus, personal networking is the key to bond with people and benefit from one another. So, grow your network. This approach will be very helpful if the people you are connecting with are from the same industry as you. Don’t shy away from letting them know that you are looking for a job.

4. Using social media platform to your advantage.

Irrespective of the amount of research you are doing, you will never be able to uncover all the current job openings out there. This is the exact reason as to why it’s important for you to make yourself noticeable to those who are looking for people with your skills and talents.

Spend time a good amount of time in improving your LinkedIn profile. This has to be the single most crucial social media activity for a fresher!

5. Never limit yourself to online applications

If you are solely relying on online platform, you are making a horrible mistake.  Online portals are excellent place for job hunt, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to that. Visit nearby job consultancies, or approach an internal recruiter.Get on the radar of those who can get you an interview call.

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