Funeral Policy for over 80 years

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Funeral Policy for over 80 years

When your loved one passes away, a funeral is a welcomed chance for bringing together all the remaining friends and relatives so as to celebrate and remember a wonderful life. But there are some people who are not aware of just how expensive a funeral can be. As you know that it is difficult finding life insurance for seniors over 80. Funeral insurance helps you look out for your family and would provide you peace of mind for all by offering you the following:

  • A lump sum is provided to your dependents so as to cover the expenses of your funeral when you pass away. This lump sum is paid to your family without making any delay. Your loved ones can even use it to pay your debts and mortgages.
  • It ensures that your premiums are affordable in your 80s.
  • There are some policies that allow you to cap your premiums at a certain age or total to make sure that you don’t pay more in premiums than the cost of your funeral.
  • There are several insurers that offer flexibility in your choice of benefit amount to cater to your budget and will adjust your premium payment amounts accordingly.
  • Some of the insurers will provide you funeral insurance without any hassle of complicated forms, health related queries or medical exam, making it breeze to protect your loved ones.

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  • In some of the cases, your dependent can get the triple the amount of your benefit in case you are dead in an accident. The amount could be as high as 45000 dollars; the amount depends on your cover.
  • They will offer you the choice for monthly payment options providing you more flexibility and control over your financial commitments.
  • In funeral insurance policy you get the option of adding your partner or children to our funeral insurance cover that will provide extra peace of mind for the whole family.
  • You will get the options by some of the insurers to choose between age based or fixed rate premium options that give you more control over your premium payments. This age based premium will calculate your premium on each annual anniversary of your funeral insurance. If fixed rate premium is chosen by you, your life insurance premium payment will be based on an agreed fixed rate.
  • All the insurers will primarily provide not less than 30 days for your cooling off period so that you can take out time to see if your funeral insurance meets all your desired requirements. But if not, you will get an option to change or cancel the insurance and will get the refund.

As you need insurance over 80 years old, there are many special senior funeral providers available. All you need is to take out time to compare your options to get the most suitable option for yourself and your family. You can name any dependent, typically a family member who would make the claim and receive the money upon your death.

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