Graphic Designing the Revolutionary Aspect of Modern Life

Bryan Jackson July 29, 2016 Comments Off on Graphic Designing the Revolutionary Aspect of Modern Life
Graphic Designing the Revolutionary Aspect of Modern Life

Graphic designing has become a part of human life. Designs are visual medium to communicate, spread information and have aesthetic importance as well. They appear in various forms and sizes, whether it be a provenances and logo on a visiting card; road signs on the streets as a guide; posters and hoarding to connect and appeal a larger mass of people. All of these and many other designed products construct a realm of communication, so deeply woven into the human life that it has become an inseparable entity. This has considerably grown in past three decades, and is still increasing with every new invention in technology.

It is indeed true that in present time art and technology are inseparable. For Anthony Coutsoukes, these are more than just two words. They are his passion, which has guided and inspired him to take up entrepreneurship. As a graphic designer by profession and as a devout lover of technology he has started pursuing his dream. He has successfully designed a new range of customized products suitable according to the contemporary trends at reasonable prize. This is his new take to explore his capabilities as a designer and as an entrepreneur.2

Technology and internet has changed the way of living; from shopping, online banking, social interaction, educational advancement to broader scope of business. Yes, internet and electronic gadgets has even altered and enhanced means of doing business. Online shopping has given a boost to all who seek to start their own work. Anthony Coutsoukes like many other aspiring entrepreneurs and graphic designers saw the advantage of reaching to all types and standard of buyers, by selling the products online. It becomes easier to reach the consumers, also forms a direct relation between the seller and consumer. This major and revolutionary idea of doing online business has given opportunities to many, also boosting up their confidence. Thus, the industry is simultaneously growing.

The aesthetic approach of graphic designing is also a key factor besides its technical uses. A graphic designer observes, understands and then creates a design while keeping in mind the desires of people. The designer knows how to please its audience with new styles and symbols. Again, technology has direct influence on it. With more improved or new and advanced softwares, it is easy to produce new, effective and smarter designs.

The process of designing and printing first started almost 500 years ago. It was a printer who did all the designing- that is selecting the type and arranging to print it particularly on the page. Over the intervening years, it has developed to a great extent. Few decades back designers were those with perfect drawing skills and the process took place manually. However, now at the advent of software, the designing process has become easier. One need not be a great artist to pursue it, just complete knowledge of the software and great observation skills are required. However, what is most important is passion for designing and creating new path breaking ideas.


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