Guide to Lake Toba, Sumatra: Hotels, Things to Do and Attractions

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Guide to Lake Toba, Sumatra: Hotels, Things to Do and Attractions

Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba, is among the most well-known attraction for tourist at Sumatra. Tourism in Lake Toba is rather developed, but it retains its own quiet charm.

It’s the largest volcanic lake in the world measuring at 1,707 sq ft. It’s formed by a massive volcanic eruption some 70,000 decades ago and is probably the world’s largest caldera. As true, this lake was a product of a huge supervolcanic eruption roughly 77,000 decades ago, is known as the Toba catastrophe theory that is rumoured to have killed a lot of the world inhabitants.

Having a quiet and serene beauty, many men and women make a visit here just to unwind and whilst the time off, particularly after a hardcore extended backpacking or hiking.

This largest volcanic lake is situated at Sumatra, Indonesia. Samosir island (PulauSamosir) inside the lake would be the island interior the island of Sumatra.

Amidst mountains with clear lake which almost reflect anything, it is definitely a relaxing location. But as a bonus, the Batak people living this is another highlight of the area, being outgoing, so they will ensure that your stay is worth it. Just say”Horas” (the heritage Batak greeting) and you’ll definitely a dose of their hospitality and numerous the community jungle juice, pipes and music!

Best time to go Lake Toba is May when the weather is changing from marginally cool to warm. The heat might appear really high since it takes to summertime but additionally, it is inconsistent and may have rain. Through the winter, there’s a fantastic deal of rainfall here.

The place is also particularly popular during Chinese New Year, typically around January/Feb of the year, therefore, take notice for the increase in prices and cramp in fashion.

Things to See in Lake Toba

There are considered a great deal of attractions for tourist attraction for you as it is a rather popular tourist location. Should you care eager, you could easily find a tour, like to PulauSamosir, an island in this lake.


You may go to Tuktuk, a popular location for those tourists, with a fantastic view of Lake Toba. Here you may do your purchasing and purchase some books from the secondhand bookshop.


Tomok is a quieter place but with better food options and tasty black meals. You may also bask in its rich civilization as there’s burial location to the King Sidabutur, which can be important to the regional people.

Traditional Dance

There are traditional dances around, one in Batak Museum in addition to a different in Restaurant Bagus Bay.


Only above Tuktuk, you could reach there simply by walking and take a pleasant swim in it.

Hot Spring

Around 40kms from Tuktuk — that the water is actually hot, so, may not be able to drift in, but you may like a light dip.

Things to perform and Attractions

As mentioned it’s a place to unwind, it’s mostly not to do lots of stuff. If you have to do somethings, swim in the sunken lake, or have a ship out the lake at either the afternoon or at an overnight celebration, together with the volcano as a backdrop. Book lovers may have some studying up here with where there’s another hand bookshop to allow you to pick from.

For many busy things to do, you can opt for kayaking on the Lake Toba. You might even just have a boat ride on the lake. Or take a bath in the hot springs. Not to forget, enjoy the numerous tasty foods in neighboring villages in Tomok. Another tip is to rent a motorcycle and tour round the SamosirIsland yourself.

Where to stay

There are a variety of resorts, guesthouses and hotels along the lake at Tuktuk, with some even further from smaller cities. You do not have to worry about collections of remain in Lake Toba, in exception to Chinese New Year where it might summit with tourists thus increase in cost and potentially lack in space. Though the best spending budget option in here is the Toba Cats Garden.

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