Help a good sick man and make a bunch of money

Bryan Jackson August 23, 2015 Comments Off on Help a good sick man and make a bunch of money
Help a good sick man and make a bunch of money

It’s off the charts absurd conventional lenders auto-disqualify me, but they do even when I’m clearly an ideal loan candidate.  Common sense says I could handle very high interest with extremely low risk and be happy about it.  For example it would be a dream come true for me to get a $10k+ loan at 50% APR and unexpected death is like the only way I wouldn’t pay it.  I can show not just one dynamic allowing this, but a few that stack to take away almost all risk.  One of these includes even 100% for sure having literal unconventional assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that I could cash in on legally+ethically if I got a loan and tried.  I don’t know if I like though with cashing in of those assets the way I would be in the spotlight in the news as I’m shy and get anxiety, but a loan would also accelerate me making progress getting comfortable with media attention.  I have a business early in the startup phase and a few pieces of intellectual property to cash in on that are more appealing ways to make a fortune due to how I could stay out of the spotlight, but at least I have literal real assets that are mine already worth a fortune to assorted companies that would easily pay way over $100k to buy if I got in negotiations with these companies after doing smart preparation beforehand.

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I suppose $20k is my ideal loan amount.  I would use it all very intelligently and non-wasteful.  I try to be a good godly man and aim to be extremely generous giving away future wealth to help lives.  I don’t want anyone to blindly trust me and I can cover comprehensive details to give solid confidence.  I could also sketch out a description of my general plan how I would use loan money intelligently.  I won’t rush anyone or ask for anything unreasonable.  I’m flexible on APR offers.  I could handle well over 50% no problem, but hopefully 50% is plenty high enough to get some interested lenders.

For anyone interested in considering lending to me, please send me an e-mail at:


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