Hourly Rate For Electricians In UK

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Hourly Rate For Electricians In UK

Electricians in the UK work as employees under different companies, as well as individual professionals. Besides, a number of electricians work as subcontractors. Evidently, a wide diversity is evident in their salaries. In UK, electricians are among the highest-paid professionals. The average hourly rate of these professionals in London is £34 per hour. The rates vary a lot, according to competition and location of the business. On an average, the hourly rate for electricians is around £25, which takes the daily payment close to £200. This is applicable for the individual electricians. The employees working under different companies work on a salaried basis, which is less than the total income of the individual employees. Moreover, people working as apprentices get a lower rate per hour in UK. On an average, it is around £20 per hour.

A particular trend is visible in the employment pattern of the electricians in UK. The electricians starting their career work for a few years as an apprentice. Then they gather the core professional skills and join a reputed company. They work here for a few more years before starting their career as an individual electrician. Sure enough, individual professionals earn more than the salaried employees. While the rates of subcontractors vary between £130 to £150 per day, the individual electricians make more than £200 during the same time. However, the professionals working independently need to arrange for their own transportation, equipment and tools.

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How do the electricians fix their hourly rates?

Most of the individual electricians fix their hourly rates on the basis of their experience and competition in the market. However, they scrutinize the amount of work that needs to be done. Hourly rates are fine for small tasks. However, they may have to remove furniture before starting the job, lift floorboards and carpets and carry out other tasks. These factors need to be considered before fixing the rates. Often, the electricians state their own rates and then charge additional costs for these hassles.

Certain factors affect the day rates charged by electricians. These include parking facilities in the region, location and costs of travel. Besides, every electrician has to consider the costs of insurance and accreditation. These factors too, push up the costs. In a nutshell, the professionals fix a rate that the customers will be happy with.  Customers often associate the rate with the personal character of the electrician. They take the following factors into consideration while choosing their services.


People look forward to hire experts, so they seek electricians with a good track record and deep knowledge of the profession. This is why most of the experienced electricians working under companies choose to become individual professionals. They have good knowledge and can handle any situation, presented by the customers.


Confidence comes with experience. When they have gathered a substantial amount of experience in the industry, they become confident of tackling all types of electrical problems. They can raise their rates in these situations, as customers pay for professionals who are confident with the task.


Politeness is another important factor, which can help an electrician to charge the rates he wants. Good behaviour crates an impressive profile. Coupled with the professional skills, the electricians can charge the rates they feel suitable for their services.

The subcontractors get additional privileges like insurance cover, transportation costs and other benefits. Evidently, electricians in UK are well-off and earn a lot.

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