How Accountants should choose Software

Joseph Herrera January 18, 2018 Comments Off on How Accountants should choose Software
How Accountants should choose Software

The uninitiated might consider that all accountancy software is created equal. But in reality, the choice of software comes down to personal preference and whether the package works well with the accountant’s specialist areas.

BTC Software’s award winning tax and practice management software package is a popular choice, and the company also has similar products for those accountants involved in corporation tax, accounts production or self-assessment for freelancers or self-employed individuals.

BTC Software is just one of many companies offering a suite of different products for various accountancy requirements. Many corporate accountancy and general finance employees may well have used some of the widely known packages, but for professionals tasked with producing other people’s accounts accurately, lesser known companies might provide a better option. Small business owners are likely to have a completely different set of criteria based on their requirements as sole traders.

Free software for starters

Free software is the way to start for most people, then a paid subscription to whichever program best meets their needs can follow once they have evaluated the software’s suitability. This is likely to bring with it added perks such as telephone helpdesk assistance, automated upgrades and patches, perhaps even a set of courses designed to help improve skills or a forum dedicated to users of the software. Many companies, BTC included, offer a free trial period for anyone who wants to try before they buy. Basic accounting functions will come as standard and will suit those who are just starting out on the road of business ownership.

Suitable for all levels

Of course, the word ‘accountant’ assumes that the person is a fully qualified individual, with letters after their name and membership of an association or society. However, many self-employed or freelance individuals have to be their own accountants long before they can afford to hire a professional to do the job for them. For these business owner/operators, a basic package may well suffice and the main decision could be whether it should be cloud based or desktop-centric.

Cost and scaleability

The cost of a package may also have some bearing on whether an accountant chooses it or not. If it’s a scaled-up version of something that is already in use, then that may be a simple choice. Whether an accountancy software package can be easily expanded to include additional users or extra functions could also be a deciding factor. After all, if the entire company’s system is based on one particular program it is a serious undertaking to move it to another, completely different platform.

These points are just three ways in which accountants of all levels may choose to select their preferred software package. There are many other issues which may influence the choice, and it is recommended that all potential purchasers research their options before making a decision.

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