How to Get Referrals to Land a Job

Milton Ferrara June 25, 2015 Comments Off on How to Get Referrals to Land a Job
How to Get Referrals to Land a Job

Do you seem like sending resumes online that tend to just vanish all the time? You are not alone. The majority of job applicants online never get a return email from employers. So who do people snag offers? Those who land jobs today get them through referrals from friends who work for the company that hires. So if you think you lack the effort to get as much referrals as you can, you need to do something about it. Here are some pointers for getting referrals.

Let People Know that You Do

Certainly, this is pretty basic; however, many people do not elaborate their line of work to contacts or friends. Always try to be forthcoming on your professional life when you are, for example, sitting on the sidelines at the soccer game of your daughter or getting a haircut to increase the number of individuals who are likely to refer you for a suitable job.

Be Active on LinkedIn

Nowadays, whether you are looking for a job or working, you need to be on LinkedIn. Create a profile in this professional networking site to promote your personal brand and create your network. This network will help you find connections at your focused employers. Then, send emails to them to know more about their companies and then ask for referrals.


Expand your In-Person Network

Online networking allows you to connect to people and meet them in person. Commit to attending conference, taking a class or going to a college alumni meeting. Knowing more people who are familiar with what you do for a living, the greater chances you have to get referred to. Of course, knowing and meeting people is only the first step. It is important to cultivate relationships within your network. If you have new acquaintances, add them to your network online and ask them to go out with you for coffee or lunch. Always find ways to be of help to them before you ask a favor.  You can learn more about network building here.

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