How to Keep Your Wedding on Budget

Milton Ferrara November 10, 2015 Comments Off on How to Keep Your Wedding on Budget
How to Keep Your Wedding on Budget

Keep your wedding on budget by following a few simple tried and true rules when it comes to wedding expenses. You don’t have to go for cheap looking things to be budget friendly either. From flowers to accessories, invitations to food and drink–we’ve got your budget friendly wedding covered! Below are some sweet tips and tricks to keep cost down without sacrificing taste.



Flowers can be one of the most costly pieces for your wedding, and that’s just your bouquet! When it comes to flowers DIY bouquets are the way to go. Some brides are tossing the bridal bouquet and using herbs like lavender or brooches for a bouquet of borrowed bling. If you plan on using flowers in the church, get versatile arrangements that can be used as centerpieces for your reception. Also, if you’re going for roses try the cheaper cousin garden roses or peonies. All blooms have a more affordable look-alike that can save your budget.


Every girl wishes they could afford to drape themselves in diamonds, and realistically some costume jewelry looks hideous. Have no fear! Stores like Forever 21 and Etsy have endless costume jewels that will look like the real thing as you walk down the aisle. Of course, this is a great way to show off something borrowed, too.


When it comes to invitations you can save a whole boatload of money if you do it yourself. DIY wedding invitations don’t have to be a pain in the bum either. Just get your bridal party together with a few bottles of prosecco, bake some cookies and print them out at home. Wedding Chicks offers some cool custom printable invitations suites that will get your creative juices flowing along with the bubbly.

 Wedding Favors

To save money on your wedding favors, you need to start thinking in terms of fun rather than price. Think about items that will make your reception a better experience for you and your guests and some inexpensive options will begin to surface. You can get some sparklers for wedding receptions at most online shops for only a few pennies each. You can also get other interactive wedding favors such as bubbles, confetti, or even laser pointers for next to nothing and add a ton of fun to your big day.

Instead of traditional sheet cakes for your wedding, consider buying cupcakes instead. You can get cupcakes from nearly any bakery, assemble them on a lovely 3 tiered tray, and you instantly have an affordable alternative to a regular wedding cake that would cost you hundreds of dollars.

 As you can see from these examples, there are plenty of ways to trim down your budget if you get creative and focus on the experience rather than the glamour. Learning how to keep your wedding on budget may seem like a huge feat, but at the end of the day it is really much less painful than you probably are anticipating.

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