Important Basics Of Brand Building You Should Know

Milton Ferrara December 18, 2017 Comments Off on Important Basics Of Brand Building You Should Know
Important Basics Of Brand Building You Should Know

When an ambitious person sets up his own business, he naturally wishes that his product or service becomes the first choice for his customers. This can happen, provided the business owner pays adequate attention to building and managing his brand.

Some people think of a brand as the company’s logo. Actually a brand is a lot more than that. It refers to the core values of the business and also involves every communication you have with your customers as well as suppliers. Basically, your brand generates and maintains the reputation of your business and thus reveals the experience of your customers with your organisation.

Look at your brand as what you are actually selling to your customers. It’s not just your product or service, because many existing providers are already selling that. When you want to build your brand, you should aim at standing out from the crowd.

Here are a few basics of branding shared with us by the experts at

Creation of a Brand

Successful branding can be defined as promotion of your strengths. To start with, think on what you are good at and as a business, what you believe in. Some examples are:

  • Specific skills, like design skills
  • Purity of materials
  • Innovation
  • Striving to provide the best to customers

Here you should be sure that you will always be able to keep your promises using your strengths, known sometimes as “brand values”.

Customers’ Requirements

Your brand values should match your customers’ requirements.

What Drives Your Customers?

It’s important to consider what is driving your customers. What is making them buy your product or service? Most of the times, it’s ‘performance’ or ‘price’.

Discussing with Existing and Potential Customers

Discuss with your existing customers about why they like buying from you. Also discuss with your potential customers what they are looking for while making buying decisions. This will help you a lot to develop your business and your brand.

If your brand values match with what your existing as well as potential customers are looking for while purchasing, you have already started creating a useful brand.

However, if they are not, you perhaps need to rethink either on the advantages you offer or whether your choice of targeted audience is right.

For example, a toy store that has entertainment and education as brand values can capitalise on them if its existing and potential customers want to buy the most entertaining and educational toys. However, if its customer base is made of sportspersons, these brand values won’t match with the buying needs of its customers.

Let Your Employees be Involved

To get your employees involved in the task of brand building, create a document which should consist of your core company values and standards for how you wish to operate and be appeared to operate.

This document must summarise the purpose of your company and reasons of why you think you are different than your competitors.

Circulate this document among your employees to make sure all of them are working towards the same goals as yours and review it every now and then.

Building Your Brand

The very first step in building a strong brand is to focus on what your customers need and how you can promise to deliver the same. Consistency in your service is very important. So also, you should have every other means of contact to give to customers, including letters, phone calls, emails and so on.

Once your brand values and customers’ requirements are defined, you can start building your brand by communicating your brand values consistently.

At you can read excellent examples of brand building. Take inspiration from them and go ahead, create and build your brand!

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