Important points to remember for mixing Bitcoins

Andrew Williams July 27, 2018 Comments Off on Important points to remember for mixing Bitcoins
Important points to remember for mixing Bitcoins

Many people do not know and say that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency. However, there is a record of every transaction in a public ledger. You can easily track bitcoins to the digital wallets. Bitcoin mixing is one such process of ensuring safety and privacy pf Bitcoins. There are many sites for mixing like the To keep your coin anonymous all you have to do is to cover your tracks with the help of wallet which can be again traced back to you.

For mixing of Bitcoins, you will require certain things. The things are-

  • The Tor browser is the most important. You can also use the interface which s Tor-enabled. This will help you in accessing the web and Darknet anonymously.
  • You must be having a bitcoin wallet. In the Bitcoin wallet, you will be having the number of coins which you wish for mixing. This wallet can be a normal one whose creation took place in clear net. This we can refer to as the market wallet. If you’re having Coinbase account, then you can also use that.
  • A point you will have to keep in mind that you must know properly about the mixing of coins. You must have proper knowledge about the sending of bitcoin and also fund the wallet.
  • Keep a plain note of text which will help you in keeping track of all IDs, addresses and other information. This information is the one which you will require throughout the process.

Other important points to keep in mind

You can then start the process of mixing the Bitcoins with the help of proper Mixer. This may take half an hour to an hour for the first time. There are many ways of maximizing the privacy of Bitcoins.

 There are many third party mixer. Keep in mind that you do not use the service of mixing in a clear web. Must keep the Onion URL in triple check from dependent sources. If there are more users in a mixing service then your coins will mix quickly and well.

The process of mixing coins is mostly used by criminals. However, there is no law against the mixing of Bitcoins. The cost for mixing your Bitcoin will take 1 to 3 per cent the amount you are putting into it. Many mixers are there who take a small amount. Choose wisely an be patient enough while choosing the mixer.

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