Interior Automobile Features Designed to Increase Driver Safety

Milton Ferrara March 27, 2017 Comments Off on Interior Automobile Features Designed to Increase Driver Safety
Interior Automobile Features Designed to Increase Driver Safety

The auto industry has grown over the years thanks to advancements in technology. The years have seen what would be sold off as a unique offering at a price, become a standard with modern day cars. Vehicle knowledge has, therefore, become more than just an assessment of fuel efficiency and performance, but safety as well. Here’s what to look out for as key interior safety measures the next time you buy a car.

Safety Belts

Yes, the safety belts are not a new feature, but they are the first line in protecting the passenger. The amazing feature added includes the following; the first is an automated system where the car cannot start without the passengers buckling up and remains running only if the occupants remain buckled to their seats. The other is the additional airbags to the belts. According to NHTSA, safety belts were credited with saving about 1400 lives in 2015. 

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Pre-Crash Systems

Vehicle manufacturers have developed systems that detect impending collisions as well as deploying safety measures for the passengers. One such system is the restraint system. In the event of an imminent crash, the system controls the movement of the passengers, to minimize the injury risk posed to the occupant. Other systems predict the chances of an accident and prepare the passengers for the same. It goes further by enhancing safety belts, adjusting the seating position, shut windows with the aim of preventing ejection and enhance the airbag performance. If the crash is evaded, the measures are reversed.

Airbags at the Foot-area Of the Vehicle

Head-on collisions had severe impact on the occupant’s knees and legs. The effects were catastrophic some often leading to broken legs and paralysis. The new feature deploys the airbags in the event of a collision hence cushioning the lower body from harm.

Head Protection Airbags

A careful consideration manufacturers have made, is the injury that comes from broken glass. This necessitated the need for curtain airbags which would deploy in the event of a crash and the passenger would come out unharmed. Statistically speaking, this feature would indeed reduce the number of head injuries experienced in car accidents. 

Child Anchorages

Automobiles come fitted with extra buckles and belts that are best suited for kids. Much as the baby carrier may be used, instead of using the normal safety belts in the back seat, manufacturers developed the baby anchors. They are both safe and friendly.

Rollover Protection Systems

The system incorporates the use of side protection measures, the curtain airbags and the rollover detection system. Rollover fatalities are greatly reduced because the passengers have airbags all around them, deployed on the slightest rollover and remain inflated five seconds after the crash. Such advancements mark a milestone of achievement in the auto industry.

Automated Emergency Call (ecall)

A closer inspection reveals that most fatalities have the potential of being reduced greatly if emergency services were to be availed on time. The ecall system makes contact with the emergency hotline and with its GPS feature, a dispatch team would be sent to the accident scene. 

Pedestrian Impact Mitigation System

Pedestrians form the bulk of the road accident casualties. Whether the accident was purely coincidental or as a result of human error, no measures were in place to take care of this group, until now. The system detects and warns of a possible pedestrian-hit scenario. It also releases an external airbag to cushion the pedestrian.

Additional Airbags

Other than the standard front seat airbags, auto manufacturers are stepping up in a race to create safer cars. Some vehicles are fitted with extra airbags that include the front seat airbags, rear seat airbags, seat cushioned airbags and not forgetting the thorax side bags in the rear seats. 

The biggest credit to technology in this industry is the safety measures that have ended up and will continue saving lives on the roads. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, you can visit to learn more about your legal rights and options. 


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