June 17 Powerball Winning Numbers; Jackpot Escalates to $80 Million

Joseph Herrera June 19, 2015 Comments Off on June 17 Powerball Winning Numbers; Jackpot Escalates to $80 Million
June 17 Powerball Winning Numbers; Jackpot Escalates to $80 Million

Have you been looking out for June 17th Powerball winning numbers? The amount for next jackpot is increased to $80 million, with no ticket matching the winning numbers on June 17.

During the previous draw on June 3, a lucky player from Glendale, Arizona, Maria Herrera won a jackpot of $188 million after all six numbers was matching. She opted for a lump-sum payment of $84 million following tax deductions and this is the largest jackpot in Arizona after 2012 when the winning amount awas $587 million.

For June 17, the Powerball numbers were: 20-21-22-41-54 PB7 and the Powerball red Power number was 07. The Powerball Play number was 3. This has been the 4th draw that has gone without any winning tickets after the June 3rd’s lucky player.

As for the draw that happened recently, a ticket holder who purchased the lottery from California had five matching numbers, paying him $1 million. None of them matched five Power Play numbers, which would have won them $2 million.

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The present jackpot amount may not be as huge as the one won by the lucky player from Arizona on June 3rd draw, but still it’s adequate to pay off your credits and lead a comfortable life. Before cashing in your winning ticket, seek financial advice from a legal adviser so that you can enjoy your prize money for the coming years.

Jackpot winners of Powerball have the option of choosing a 30-year annuity or a lump-sum payout. If you happen to win the jackpot, analyse and get to know the difference between the annuity payouts and lump-sum payouts after deduction of state and federal taxes.

A representative on behalf of Powerball was quoted as saying – “We encourage players to sign the back of their tickets immediately after purchasing and to check them promptly after the drawing. Even if a ticket does not win the jackpot, it could have won another prize.” He also reminded the lottery purchasers to play responsibly.

The next Powerball draw is scheduled on June 20, 2015 for a jackpot of $80 million with $49.2 million estimated cash option. Powerball draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. The chances of getting the winning numbers for jackpot prize with a $2 ticket in hand are 1 in 175,223,510. Players can watch the draw live on Android smartphone or iPhone by downloading the respective app. Powerball is offered in 44 States, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you get to win the lottery worth $80 million, what would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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