Larson & Holz – reliable broker with excellent service

Milton Ferrara March 12, 2018 Comments Off on Larson & Holz – reliable broker with excellent service
Larson & Holz – reliable broker with excellent service

Many beginning traders mistakenly believe that the ability to trade is the basis of all the foundations. But if you understand, the ability to trade, it’s half the battle. Much depends on the broker. Not even from the broker, but from the trading conditions offered to the trader. After all, a broker can create such conditions that a trader, no matter how profitable he does not trade, it will be unprofitable to work with him. To work it is necessary with such broker companies which offer the clients the best conditions, and thus do not break technical regulations.

 Considering brokerage companies on these two aspects, the choice fell on the company Larson & Holz. The conditions are simply ideal, and even more so the company has the necessary license to conduct brokerage activities. This company has many advantages. But what is particularly attractive is the trade in binary options. The more attractive options are with brokerage company Larson & Holz. The availability of financial instruments and a variety of different assets for trading, led the company into the leaders. Employees of the company tried to simplify the work with binary options as much as possible. First, you do not need to install any special trading platform. You can trade in the usual MetaTrader4. The platform is adapted for options. All you need is the installation of a special plug-in, which can be found on the official website of Larson & Holz. Secondly, once options are traded in a standard trading terminal, it means there are standard indicators and templates in it. In addition, you can install any additional indicators or templates. This is a huge advantage, since the public of binary options is traders from the Forex market. Surprising, but true. And that’s not it. The company Larson & Holz showed that it is really loyal to customers. Fans of binary options are given the opportunity to open demo accounts, to run-in and test trading systems. All this is laid in the trading terminal.

Well, now information for those who do not have the means to replenish classic accounts, and just fans of bonuses. To be honest, this service is not observed with other brokers. Trade with zero risk. That is, the trader trades on real money, and thus does not risk anything. How can this be? This option is a no-deposit account. The trader registers, opens a no-deposit trading account, and logs it in the trading terminal. The balance of the account is 100 dollars. They are very real, and now you can start real trading. In fact, this is the company’s money. But the trader trades on them. The following picture turns out: the company allows any novice trader to try to trade for real money, not having his own. Here are two options for the development of events. In the first variant, the trader takes all the profits received, and the company takes his money back in three days. The benefit is obvious. The second option: a trader, as a result of an unsuccessful trade loses the $ 100, and three days later opens a new no deposit account. And trade continues to a positive outcome. If you notice, no deposit trading account is valid for only three days. That is, a trader trades on company money for three days, after which the account is canceled. The profit received in the course of trading remains with the trader. Just the company Larson & Holz takes back its $ 100. Another feature of this option. A new no-deposit account can be opened only after three days, after the old account is locked. It turns out that you can endlessly trade with an opening interval of three days. In this there is a huge advantage for novice traders. First, there is an incentive to trade. The marketing plan of Larson & Holz is simply perfect. Secondly, you can learn to trade for real money, absolutely without risk. If you compare the service of a no-deposit trading account, with other bonus systems, you can see one common feature. In the first case, the trader keeps his profit. In the second case, all that is received over the bonus is considered a trader’s profit. As a result, the trader in any case remains at a profit.

Also, the strength of Larson & Holz is the technical support of customers. At other brokerage companies, technical support is a weak point. An answer to the question can be expected for several days. But the broker answers his clients as quickly as possible. At least we were back in a few minutes. In our opinion, the company’s support takes into account any opinion, any client, regardless of the registration date, or the status of the trader. Respond all equally. There is no rudeness in remembrance. And this is a characteristic feature of many other brokerage companies. The management of the company treats this quite strictly. Do not know how to work with clients, then work in a different field. It’s no secret that many additional options have been developed based on customer opinions. If the opinion of the majority of clients coincides, the marketing department of the broker receives a task to evaluate and develop this option. The company works together with clients.

 A bonus system, this is what distinguishes Larson & Holz crypto from other brokers. A huge number of bonuses, for various activities, from investing, to training and trade.

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