Leslie Hocker On How Motivation in Business Goes a Long Way?

John McDonald March 22, 2017 Comments Off on Leslie Hocker On How Motivation in Business Goes a Long Way?
Leslie Hocker On How Motivation in Business Goes a Long Way?

Every business aims to achieve great heights and it is for the same reason, an entrepreneur might have stepped in to the business in the first place. The joys of making things that one aims and then selling and earning a profit is what every business head targets. Talking about targets, this is something that the sales and marketing personnel in a firm have to achieve month after month. Though incentives are good to entice the marketers to earn more, but the truly motivated marketer would try to get something more than just a mere incentive. How does an entrepreneur give such an ambitious marketer a job that he would love to do?

A few managers also exist in the business world who might not know when to draw the line and give the employees or staff members a break from the cycle of targets and goals. They might try to push the marketing members or sales personnel so crazy that the firm might end up facing a very high attrition rate. This is not due to any reason but lack of empathy and interpersonal communications too. Business coach, Leslie Hocker is someone who believes that maintaining a healthy balance between work pressure and interpersonal relationships to sustain success in life.

Why is motivation necessary in life?

As already stated, that every personnel needs motivation in life. The motivation is the only thing that keeps the person running after targets month after month. Business heads understand this and so with every time a bigger target is set, he would also arrange for a more lucrative incentive. This is where he might try to win the employee. But again, business coach like Leslie Hocker asks, if this kind of motivation is enough? Indeed, a big sum of amount as an incentive might look a big deal but sometimes, an employee would be more than happy with just a promotion more than a monetary hike. He might otherwise like it more, if he is praised in front of his family and friends in an award function. Though a few companies go out and try to win their employees and become employee-friendly too, but are they still doing just to be one or are they genuinely concerned about the employees?

Motivation training is something that every personnel in a company should undergo since that would clear his ideas about his position and the demands that his position has from him. A leader would need to know the ways to make his leadership seem very just and simply be regarded as a monitor or a supervisor and a mentor. If he tries to breathe down the neck of an employee, very soon, he might end up losing some good talent. Patient handling of stress of not just the situation, but also of other employees are some of the ways in which, a person shall be able to gain trust and be able to win the hearts of the employees more than just paying an incentive or a paycheck.

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