What Does It Mean To Have a Halal Certificate?

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What Does It Mean To Have a Halal Certificate?

Having a halal certificate can be very beneficial for a company. It shows that the product they offer meets Islamic law requirements. For those in the Muslim community or who eat halal foods, this can be quite beneficial. Here’s a little bit more information about what it means to have a halal certificate.


The Foods

This certification mainly is used for meat or chicken products. It means that there is no pork in the product, not even pork gelatin or alcohol in them. The animal must have been raised in a humane way, similar to that of free range animals. They will also have need to been fed a vegetarian diet. The animal can’t have been given any foods that contained animal byproducts in it. When they were slaughtered, a Muslim had to have done it with a sharp knife. He will have had to say a prayer and cut the throat of the animal so that it died quickly. Once the animal has died, it will have been hung upside down so that all of the blood can be drained from the carcass.

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How to Know That Food Has Been Halal Certified

It’s generally quite easy to tell whether or not a food item has been halal certified. It will have a letter M on the packaging. When eating at a restaurant, foods will often have a letter M by them. Because halal standards can be strict, if a restaurant chooses to serve halal foods, the majority of the food items, if not all of them on the menu, will have gotten halal certification. If the label on a food item claims that it is halal certified, then it must be. It’s is against the law to make this claim if it’s not true.


A Halal Certificate Is Not Mandatory

Contrary to popular belief, a halal certificate is not mandatory. It’s a voluntary process. However, most Muslims that live in an Arabic country do follow these standards. This means that you will find that in these countries the majority of restaurants and meat and poultry products do have halal certification. Some countries like Saudi Arabia may require that a food be halal certified if it is imported into the country.


Halal Certifying Agencies

While the process for a food to gain a halal certificate may vary with each agency such as Halalxpert, they do tend to have some things in common. All foods have to meet Islamic dietary requirements. In order to gain halal certification, a fee has to be paid and an inspection process has to be done before it will be granted. Random samples may be obtained even after certification has been granted to ensure that the food product is still following the requirements to be considered a halal food. There are hundreds of different agencies around the world that can provide a company with a halal certificate. The agency they choose will usually be based upon the location of the company where the food is produced or prepared.


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