Mega Millions: News And Past Winners Of The Lottery

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Mega Millions: News And Past Winners Of The Lottery

Mega Millions is one the most recognizable lottery services in the world, in fact it might be the one most played in the United States; the same may be true about several other countries. Currently holdiang the record jackpot amount in North America, many have become rich off of a stroke of luck when they do a simple scratch off from a convenience store. Mega Millions has been a personal choice for many, whether it be the simplisticity of the game, or the entertainment the game holds. many people prefer Mega Millions over the hundreds of other lottery companies around the world.

For those who have tried Mega Millions, chances are they may not have won big, but for some, their lives have been built around their massive winnings that are resulted from Mega Millions. Before you decide upon playing, however, you should recognize the latest news that Mega Millions has, as well as the past winners that have made a lot of money due to the Mega Millions jackpot.

What About Past News?

Mega Millions is frequently in headlines, whether it be a change in their rules, or a new person has claimed the top jackpot spot. Mega Millions is always making news. Here are a few of the most interesting, as well as important, headlines that Mega Millions is subject to.

  1. May 14, 2015 – In an article published by, the recent news details the spike of win amounts that Mega Millions has, which is at about 269 million dollars. 159 million is tied to annuity value, whilst the other amount (95.9 million) is a cash prize for total value. Mega Millions is currently offered throughout 44 states, and it remains one of the only lottery services to be spread throughout the country. The article was published by the Pennsylvania Lottery, which interestingly enough, is the only state that takes it proceeds, and distributes it to the older aged population that are in the state.
  2. April 30, 2015 – Mega Millions is a hot topic for many, not only regular people, but also for celebrities. An interview conducted by People Magazine, to Kirsten Wiig, details the comic’s idea of how she would spend her winnings. While Wiig, arguably, has enough money to live comfortably for years, it is interesting to hear her take on it, especially since she is such a successful comic. According to Wiig, she would “buy another ticket”, though this statement may just of been for laughs. While Mega Millions is usually reserved to those who have yet to be rich, it is always surprising to find out that some celebrities also enjoy the thrill of gambling, which now includes Kirsten Wiig.

Winners Of The Lottery

What About Past Winners?

Though the jackpot of Mega Millions is rarely hit, the lottery has had a wealth of past winners since its creation in 1997. The biggest jackpot of record is 656 million dollars, in which three winning tickets were doled out in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Here are a list of a couple of the past winners that have enjoyed the fortune that Mega Millions sometimes brings to the table.

  1. Michael And Nancy Baker (January 22, 2015) – A couple from Sun City West, Arizona, claimed their 5 million dollar win after consulting with their financial advisor. The couple, who come from a adult retirement community, won the money after they combined their birth dates for the lottery number picks. At first, they were in total disbelief, in fact Michael recalls “checking the self scanner at the store, the newspaper, and even got it authenticated by a desk clerk”. When they had found out that they were the lucky winners of the lottery, they decided to talk it over with their family on what to do with it. Normally, the amount would only total one million, but since the multiplier of the month was 5x, it was instead 5 million!
  2. Charles and Deborah Bibb (April 21, 2015) – What makes this winner so unique, is the fact that Charles only thought that he had won 250,000 at first! Ecstatic at this belief that he had would only a quarter of a million, Charles “Checked it 20-30 times, I couldn’t belief”, as quoted by Charles himself. Charles actually won the million dollars from a 7-Eleven in Virginia, in the city of Henrico. At the time of the original posting, Charles had no immediate plans of using the million, as he was currently enjoying the auto mechanic life. However, these plans have probably changed since it has been almost a month since he and his wife were declared the winners. The Bibbs were the only ones to win that lottery on the second pick in the state of Virginia, and only of three in the whole nation!

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