Myths Arising from Belt and Road Initiative of China

Bryan Jackson July 10, 2017 Comments Off on Myths Arising from Belt and Road Initiative of China
Myths Arising from Belt and Road Initiative of China

If you will search more information online about Belt and Road, for sure you won’t find it hard to do as you will surely be responded with almost endless articles about this project that is considered as the grandest. However, you should not just believe in what you read right away as some of them are a just hoax. In fact, there are already so many myths being posted about this initiative.

Yes, and some of these myths are the following:

  1. It is a new project

This is not a new project and in fact, was formulated on the year of 2013. Its first name then was One Belt, One Road or (OBOR). However, every time there are projects announced by China, people will right away think that they are part of this initiative.

  1. The plan is already established

Again this is not the case and this is just one of those myths. Until now, there is still no concrete hard copy plan of this initiative. It is still quite vague and no one has seen an official plan for that matter.

  1. It is an economic initiative and that some of its propositions are not really viable. However, this is just laughed off by a top Chinese scholar saying that some of their proposed projects are not really meant to earn profits and in fact, it will be hard for infrastructure to make money in the first place.
  2. This initiative will make China go bankrupt. However, what they know when it comes to the expenditures of the project is not really the right figures and China economists don’t believe that the projects are in high risks.

To see is to believe thus instead of creating rumors about this initiative, those who are a concern should just watch how this project will evolve.


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