One Less Thing to Worry About with Bharti AXA Car Insurance

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One Less Thing to Worry About with Bharti AXA Car Insurance

There are many car insurance providers in the market, but Bharti AXA car insurance plans are definitely the most competitive and hassle-free of them all. With premium plans and comprehensive features, these Bharti AXA car insurance packages are far superior in terms of claims and settlements in the shortest possible time period. For those of us who consider searching for the right car insurance a daunting task, here are few advantages of choosing Bharti AXA car insurance packages that might help you make the right choice.

Saving Time and Energy with Insurance

With Bharti Axa car insurance policies, you can rest assured that you would be getting the best of services and settlements in the shortest of time. Bharti AXA car insurance promises you a hassle-free and quick renewal and subscription policy. You can choose from plans available online through their official website and choose the best one with limited documentation.

The interesting part about opting for this insurance provider is that you will get a discount on own damage premium  if you install anti-theft system approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)

1. Claims Settlements

Bharti AXA car insurance policies promise you quick claim settlements and transparency of the entire process. You would also get cashless claim settlement at over 2,000+ garages and workshops across the country. It boasts of an 89.09% incurred claim ratio.

2. 24/7 Customer Support:

With this car insurance provider, you are just a call away in case of assistance or queries pertaining to the policies. The customer support team has a quick resolution time and call back options for your convenience. The issues are resolved by highly trained and experienced professionals making the process extremely effective and satisfactory.

3. Reminders for Timely Renewals

If you are one of those who keeps forgetting the deadlines for car insurance renewals, Bharti AXA car insurance packages is just the answer for you. With timely reminders, you will never forget your renewal date again.

If this looks lucrative enough, how would you feel if we said this is just to get you warmed up? Bharti Axa car insurance policies are also one of the best in terms of the coverage and security aspect. Let us see how.

Keeping your Car Secured

You invest in your car insurance policy with the sole intent of securing you financially in case of any car accidents, damage, repairs, or breakdowns. However, sometimes you may be told that your policy doesn’t cover for a particular damage or casualty resulting in you having to shoulder the entirety of the financial brunt.

Bharti AXA comes with two levels of security coverage that you could opt for making your car travels more financially secure and tension-free. These are some benefits that you could get with the Basic and Basic Plus Roadside assistance plans.

1. Cover for Loss or Damage

Both these plans would cover you against natural (floods, fire, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, or thunderstorms) and man-made casualties (theft, riots, accidents, malevolent acts, etc.). The cover includes all damages occurred while in transit by road, air, waterways, and rail.

2. Cover for Personal Loss or Accident

The driver or the owner of the vehicle (policyholder) can get coverage of a maximum of INR 2 lakhs in case of an accident resulting in permanent disability or death.

You would also be eligible for a legal liability cover which secures you financially in case of any legal claims arising from death or injury of another person, occupants of another vehicle, damage to the vehicle, or any other expenses incurred to another vehicle without permission or consent of the third party involved.

3. Add-on Covers for Added Security

Apart from these features, you can also purchase add-on covers for an additional premium to augment your Bharti AXA car insurance coverage. 

You can opt for a zero depreciation cover that offers you 100% repayment on any replaced items, repair charges, and depreciation amount for up to 5 years from registration. You may also choose the Invoice Cover which compensates the insured value along with the registration amount and road tax in case of loss of the vehicle. You also have to option to buy an Accident cover for the co-occupants of the vehicle or a Hospital Cash cover with a daily limit of INR 10,000 for up to thirty days of hospitalization.

You can check for all the available add-on covers on before investing to get the best possible deal which suits your requirements.

Parting Thoughts

Bharti Axa car insurance has a plethora of benefits and advantages when compared to the other insurance policies available in the market and has two international certificates to vouch for its credibility in terms of the quality of service and its customer relationships. This means when it comes to car insurance, you can just rest assured by investing in Bharti AXA car insurance plans.

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