Real estate investing 101

Bryan Jackson October 9, 2015 Comments Off on Real estate investing 101
Real estate investing 101

Is earning money from your money a neat idea to you? The concept of letting your money grow on its own is something which comes as natural when you’re in real estate investing.This article will highlight certain ins and outs of what it is like to become a landlord and receiving rent cheques every month as profits. Before you get too hooked to the idea, know that there are implications as well as the need for hard work. Read on for more.


Before getting to the art itself, let’s discuss some basic streams of income in real estate. Starting off is the extra you make when your property holding appreciates. Why values increase is answered by the conjunction of a hundred or more factors. It could be the laying of new roads in the vicinity, plans for improvement of the area, housing shortages elsewhere and so on. These were passive factors. Active factors include upgrades performed by you on your holdings to make it a potential head turner for crowd funding investors and the likes. The verdict on this option is that inputs and outputs aren’t proportionate; the ball can go either ways hence risks are involved.

The second and more common way is collecting rent. You acquire property and ‘let’ it out. In return for a tenant using it, you receive rent. Depending on how well they’re run, one can make a fairly good amount of steady money. Apart from this there’s the option to earn ancillary income by offering mini-services in addition to the real estate itself. The options here are endless, a vending machine, a delivery service, mess and so on.

Acquiring property

Buying property is where the roads fork. You can go for debit financing scheme, you can raise capital amongst family and so on. Every option has its pros and cons and a consultation with a specialist including an attorney will ensure you’ve got your interests protected regardless of your decision. Owing to numerous risk factors, property is best purchased through an asset holding company or the likes. The reason for this is to ensure that liability is limited up to your investment alone.

All in all, real estate investing is a great option IF you’re willing to follow the rules as well as take a little risk. It has its share of ups and downs like all commercial real estate investment ventures but then so is the thrill of collecting on rent every month or getting to know that your property holding has appreciated.

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