Review about IronFX

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Review about IronFX

What is IronFX?

Do you know what the ironfx is? This is the International Financial Service. Actually, this company was built since 1972. Although it has been build from 1972, it starts to be known by many people in 2010. This is because of the high technology that can make everything can be learned easily than before. Now, ironfx becomes the best brokers in the world. Many people know well if this is the best broker.

Ironfx becomes the good broker because it has the license from many countries. Well, as you know that you can find the trading company that has the license like that is rare. However, ironfx can get them. Some of the countries that give the license to this company are Australia, Russia, UK and the others. Even, the good news from this is this company is able to expand in reaching the financial market in more countries, those are 20 countries. It becomes to prove that this company has the good quality.

You can find the Forex trading facility in this company. The high shares of ironfx are UK and US. In this company, you will get the high quality. Don’t be afraid because this company gives the guarantee so the clients can feel convenience. Then, the guarantee of the security is also given to the clients. Then, the good benefit you can get if choosing this trading is there are some accounts that are available so you can choose one of them as your need. In this trading company, you can find the analyzing about the financial expert.

Where is the main office of the ironfx?

It is true that the ironfx companies are in many countries exactly twenty countries. However, there is just one main office that is in Cyprus. The detail address is in lapetou Str., Agios Athanasios, 4101 Limassol.

Choosing the type of the trading account

This is the good choice if you choose the right trading company. One best recommendation for you is ironfx. This is because you can have the large choice in choosing the account of this company. There are some types that are categorized. In categorizing the account type, this is based on the individual or the institutions users. The types of the accounts are in five types, the first one is Micro Account. The second one is Premium Account. The next is the VIP Account, STP/ ECN Account and the last one is Spread Account Zero. Those are the account types for the individual users. Then, for the institutions users, there are three types. Those are the affiliate, the business and the managed account.


Every account has the different type. Of course, the specification of every account is different.  For that, every person or institution can choose based on the need by looking for what can be gotten from that. You can choose that you feel which the right one for you is. This is the good benefit from choosing ironfx. You can choose the type of the account for you after doing the registration.

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