Running Hours and Ticket Prices Info for Bandung White Crater

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Running Hours and Ticket Prices Info for Bandung White Crater

If you want to visit the CiwideyKawahPutih tour, you need to schedule it carefully. This region is available daily, but only from 07.00 to 17.00 WIB. Consequently, if it is too late, then you will definitely be less satisfied to appreciate its beauty. Make certain you’ve plenty of time to be in a position to enjoy the scene in this white crater. To put at the place, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 18, 000/ person.

The cost we’ve to cover is definitely not overly expensive to be in a position to enjoy the charm of outstanding all-natural beauty. Surely this beauty cannot be found everywhere. Public transportation. If you are taking a bus, you may get off at LeuwiPanjang Terminal. By LeuwiPanjang you can go out at the front gate of the terminal and choose a L300 angkot that goes to Ciwidey. After arriving in Ciwidey then continue to ride the yellowish angkot which extends into Ciwidey – Situ Patenggang and get off at the junction of the front gate of the White Crater.

If use the rail services that you can get away in Bandung Station. In the north exit, you’ve to obtain a blue green individuals transport 34 into SadangSerang – Caringin and reunite at JalanKopo. Then proceed again by deciding on a yellowish angkot which extends in Ciwidey – Situ Pantenggang and down from the entrance gate. In case you use a plane, from HuseinSastranegara Airport take a green angkot with the goal of LeuwiPanjang. Then proceed by picking a L300 public transport majoring in Ciwidey.

Arriving in Ciwidey, continued again by forcing a yellow public transportation with the purpose of Situ Patenggang and get off before the entrance of this CiwideyKawahPutih tour. Proceed to Location. To put in the white crater itself, the visitors need to walk quite far, and that’s about 5 kilometers. But in the event that you don’t have to get tired, then you may use the auto Ontang Anting. Ontang Anting is a particular transportation from the kind a modified mini bus within an open automobile. The street begins from the ticket lineup to top car park in CiwideyKawahPutih.

To ride, you have to purchase Ontang Anting tickets for IDR 13,000/person. The ticket itself can be purchased with the entrance ticket. After buying a ticket, then you along with different classes need to queue to get ticket assessing account. The capacity to ride Ontang Anting itself is about 12 people.

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