Safe Investment Options in Dubai

Joseph Herrera May 5, 2015 Comments Off on Safe Investment Options in Dubai
Safe Investment Options in Dubai

When we make an investment we definitely want to feel like our money is as safe as possible. Whilst it can sometimes be worth taking a slight gamble if the potential reward is big enough, smart investors like to make investments that carry both substantial reward and as little risk as possible. So – what are the most lucrative safe investment options in Dubai?a


Property is one of the most popular investment options in Dubai. The emirate is highly attractive for investors because the market is stable and well managed, whilst also offering the potential of very lucrative returns.

An investment in Dubai property is smart for a number of reasons. There is a healthy demand for most types of properties in Dubai, and whilst the price rises seen over recent years have stabilized, it is accepted by experts that this is very good news for long-term stability and sustainability of the market, with investors being able to enjoy sustainable growths.


Another benefit of the Dubai property market is the huge choice of different property investment options that are available. Whilst traditional options like buy-to-let residential properties continue to be popular, the emirate also offers extremely lucrative opportunities in commercial property investment.

Hotel investment in particular is something that has considerably grown in popularity over the last few years. Dubai developers such as The First Group offer safe investment options that can also be extremely lucrative. One of the main reasons for the rise of hotel investment is the extremely healthy state of the Dubai tourism industry, with visitor numbers steadily increasing year-on-year. There is a strong demand for hotel rooms in the emirate, with room occupancy rates and average per-room rates remaining consistently strong. Many people also predict that Dubai’s hotels will continue to be successful, with events such as the upcoming Expo 2020 expected to bring in huge numbers of extra visitors to the region.

The Stock Market

Whilst the stock market isn’t always the first thing you think about when considering safe investment options, for many people buying stocks can be a good investment to make over the long-term. As with any investment option, the key is always to perform thorough research and do everything you can to ensure you invest money into the right company. If you are looking for maximum safety from your investment then you should look closely at historical data and find stocks that have performed consistently (if not spectacularly) over the last five to ten years. Whilst these stocks are unlikely to offer the most lucrative returns, they should be relatively safe.


Bank the Money

One of the most safe investment options is to simply put the money into the bank. This carries very little risk, however equally it also has very little potential for rewards. Having said that, banks do often offer various types of accounts and schemes, which may offer the potential for additional gains.

Which Investment Option is Right for You?

Ultimately it is your responsibility to research different safe investment options and choose the one that you think is right for your personal circumstances. It could certainly be worth seeking the advice of a financial advisor, who can help you to make better choices and generate maximum returns on your investments.

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