How to save on the cost of your wedding.

Milton Ferrara July 5, 2017 Comments Off on How to save on the cost of your wedding.
How to save on the cost of your wedding.

It is no secret that getting married costs a lot of money. There are couples who can afford dream weddings and spare no expense for the celebration, couples who totally give up on the wedding and then couples who endeavour to find all possible ways to cut down on the wedding costs, trying to save wherever possible. In this article we will look at some tricks that help saving on the wedding costs without jeopardising the beauty of such an important day.

Let’s start dealing with the wedding photographer, one of the most important professionals considering that he/she must capture the most beautiful moments of the wedding and make them memorable. The best way to save on this professional is to find one that can be engaged for just a few hours, for example before the ceremony, when the bride and the groom are getting ready for the event, up to the end of the ceremony. Another way to save on the wedding photographer is to look for a professional who works independently and without assistants which are costly and, if your wedding is intimate, also useless.

Pay attention to all that is trendy but not necessary. The wedding industry has developed an incredible range of services that are just as showy as useless.

Nowadays, “cake design” inspires wedding cakes that can be made of virtually any shape or decoration, but they are much more expensive than traditional wedding cakes. If you cannot help doing without it, order a traditional wedding cake with some cake design decorations.

Also wedding videos can be pricey, but if one hires a good photographer are they really necessary? If you cannot do without a wedding video, then avoid videos that are shot using special technology such as drones or GoPro video cameras.

All these services increase the costs of the wedding and sooner than you realize you will have exceeded your budget.

The wedding reception along with the honeymoon are two of the wedding items that take up most of the budget. Fits of all select an appropriate menu. At wedding receptions there is always too much food and guests do not like to sit down for too long. Moreover, pay attention to the number of guests and avoid inviting people you do not like only to make a good impression.

It’s your wedding and you only deserve the best!


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