Save Significant Money on Pet Insurance Plans

Bryan Jackson January 30, 2016 Comments Off on Save Significant Money on Pet Insurance Plans
Save Significant Money on Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance would give you the necessary peace of mind. It would help you with the requisite funds to cover unforeseen medical treatment costs as and when they arise. In addition, the odds of them arising might be higher than you actually think.

Reviewing pet insurance plans has revealed that one in three pets might require urgent vet care every year. As a result, you have a higher chance of filing an insurance claim on your dog or cat than you do on your car or home.

How much you spend on pet care

Pet parents would spend a significant amount on their pets. Around 25 percent of the costs would be going toward veterinary bills. Routine vet care had cost at an average of 235 USD for dogs and 196 USD for cats in the past year. While surgical veterinary visit cost the dogs an average bill of 551 USD and the cats, an estimated 398 USD during last year.

This implies the pet owners could expect to spend between 500 USD and 1000 USD per annum on veterinary costs alone. This cost would be in case, your dog or cat decides to stick with the average costs. In case, they end up as the 33% of pets that are in need of urgent vet care or otherwise become injured or ill, veterinary costs could soar high above the average costs.

How to save your money on pet insurance

You will find plenty of pet insurance online forums that would mention setting up of a savings account for emergency veterinary care rather than investing in pet insurance. In this manner, you would be able to gain control on your money. You would simply dip into it as and when your pet requires some kind of medical attention. Chances are you may not have built enough money to take out emergency care or illness, whatever comes your way.

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