Singapore Keeps Number Two Position in Ranking for Global Talent Competitiveness

Joseph Herrera January 12, 2017 Comments Off on Singapore Keeps Number Two Position in Ranking for Global Talent Competitiveness
Singapore Keeps Number Two Position in Ranking for Global Talent Competitiveness

Singapore is doing very well in terms of attracting talent. In fact, it ranks number two globally in this important category. In addition, it’s the number one Asia-Pacific nation and outpaces the Land Down Under, which is currently in sixth position on the global talent competitiveness leaderboard. This leaderboard is compiled by EAS.

Switzerland has led the rankings for years and still does. Britain is in third position, following Singapore. The US is in fourth position. A grouping of Nordic nations populate the top ten and these countries are Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

This yearly study was shown to the world at large in the middle of January, 2017, and it’s designed to measure the competitiveness of included nations, based on what amount of talent they produce, as well as how good they are at attracting and retaining talent. The study is performed via work that is shared between Adecco Group and Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute.

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This report shows how technological changes impact the competitiveness of talent in selected nations. The report stated that jobs of different levels are now being automated via machines and technology. However, it also stated that technology is opening up new work positions, as it takes away others.

The highest-ranking nations have some traits in common. These include systems for education which suit the requirements of the current economic climate. As well, they feature policies for employment which highlight mobility, entrepreneurship and flexibility. In addition, countries which did well demonstrated an excellent level of “connectedness” between stakeholders in business milieus and in governmental agencies.

The leader of INSEAD is named Ilian Mihov and his position as dean at one of Singapore’s top-ranking business schools gives him a lot of credibility in terms of his opinions about talent competitiveness. He believes that paying closer attention to talent and technology is the key to unlocking greater prosperity in Singapore and he thinks that it’s also the key to growing, attracting and retaining talent. In his view, education is the foundation for success.

Singapore Is a Business Hub

Things are going well in Singapore in many key business areas, as well as in the specific niche of global talent competitiveness. The government really supports its entrepreneurs and it does so by fostering strong startups and giving entrepreneurs access to funding, mentorship and partnerships with bigger companies. Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in government-run projects need only apply and then hope for the best. If their ideas and educational backgrounds are good, these entrepreneurs have an excellent chance of succeeding.

Now that you know more about Singapore and how it provides the very best in global talent competitiveness, you understand the bigger picture. We’ve also explained why Singapore is such a great place for new talent to grow and evolve. Information about INSEAD and other Singapore business schools is widely available online. These schools are places where talent develops in the Republic and their leaders definitely understand how to keep Singapore competitive in terms of global talent production, retention and attraction.

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