Things that you should know as a retail trader

Clare Louise March 5, 2018 Comments Off on Things that you should know as a retail trader
Things that you should know as a retail trader

The life of the full-time trader is very challenging. Every day they have to assess the risk factor and find profitable trade setups to secure their financial freedom. However, most of the novice traders don’t understand the structure of the Forex market yet they try to trade with big lot size. At times they might get lucky by placing big lot size trades but considering the longer term scenario, they are jeopardizing their trading career. Think about the doctors and engineers in our society. All of them have worked really hard to earn their graduate certificate. Similarly, in the field of investment, you need to work smart to become a successful trader. If you trade the market without having the precise knowledge, you are bound to lose money. Trading is an art and you have to learn all the details of this market to become successful. In today’s article, we will discuss some important elements which every retail trader should know.

Support and resistance level trading

Trading the support and resistance is one of the easiest ways to make money in the online trading community. In fact, most of the successful traders at Saxo follow the simple principle of support and resistance level trading. Some retail often thinks that simple trading system doesn’t work in this market. But they are completely wrong. If you can craft your trading system in the right way you can easily make money in the online trading industry. You don’t have to worry about the indicators or other factors. Try to trade the key levels of the market. However, some retail traders often place their trade based on lower time frame data. But this is absolutely wrong. In order to make profit consistently you need to trade this market in the higher time will also save you from the false trading signals.

Trade with the reputed broker

Having access to the premium trading environment is very crucial for your trading success. Try to open your online trading account with the class brokers like Saxo. As a retail trader, you need to have proper safety for your trading funds. Most importantly you need to have access to a premium trading platform like SaxoTraderGo. Make sure that you have access to the professional online trading account so that you can easily make money by doing the perfect technical analysis. It’s true that the high-class brokers will charge a little bit higher but if you can trade this market that cost will not affect you. In fact, most of the successful traders are willing to pay higher fees only to trade in a professional trading environment. So stop searching for the low-class brokers and seek help from the professional traders to find the perfect broker for your trading.

Learn about price action trading

In order to make money in the online trading industry, you must have to develop the balanced trading system. Some retail traders often try to trade this market based on other people trading system. But do you really think that you can beat the market with other people trading strategy? Every trader is different in this world. You need to develop a unique trading system based on your personality since it will help you to synchronize with the dynamic nature of this market. If possible learn the price action trading system. The price action trading system is one of the easiest ways to find profitable trade setups in the higher time frame. But understanding all the formations of the price action confirmation signal is not so easy. You have to demo trade the market for at least two months to get a clear idea about this trading system.

Trading is one of the most sophisticated business in the world. If you want to establish your presence as a successful trader in the global trading community, follow these three simple rules.

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