Tips for Eliminating Pests in Workplace

Clare Louise June 21, 2018 Comments Off on Tips for Eliminating Pests in Workplace
Tips for Eliminating Pests in Workplace

Pest infestations in the workplace are common because of structural misfits and varying hygiene levels among employees. Unfortunately, these can cause serious health and work concentration problems. Hence, every employee should bear the responsibility of eliminating pests and maintaining a pest-free workplace.

Some of the workplace pests you should look out for include flies, cockroaches, rodents, and mosquitoes. Here are measures you can take to maintain a pest-free workplace.


Keep the Office Clean

Pests are attracted by dirt and foods left lying around the lockers and office desks. As such, every office must invest in professional cleaning services such as Rove pest control. They not only clean the workplace thoroughly but also offer regular cleaning services that focus on office corners that are not cleaned regularly. If you must store food in the office, invest in a fridge, sealed containers, or bags.


Avoiding Messing or Spilling

Office messes like jumbled paperwork may be a norm; however, they can attract a lot of pests. Employees should act responsibly by keeping their work areas organized and clean at all times. Don’t wait for the mess to pile up in order to clean it.

Additionally, drink spills and garbage attract flies and cockroaches. Hence, they should be cleaned immediately. Do not wait for cleaners to clean your spill. If you create a mess, you have to take care of it right away.


Watch Out for Structural Damages and Pest Entry Points

Since office pest control is a collective responsibility, you can assist your employer by watching out for structural damages like water leaks and hidden pest entry points. Leaks can cause water stagnation which is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

On the other hand, hidden entry points serve rodents right by offering convenient entry and escape routes. The sooner such issues are addressed, the faster your business can eliminate pests. Start by sealing entry points; and if rodents persist, watch out for other hidden entry points.


Store Foods in Designated Storage Areas

As part of workplace health and safety requirements, every office must have a designated food storage area. The area may have a fridge or pest-proof food storage options like containers. Some workplaces have kitchens with well-maintained food storage drawers designated for every employee. Moreover, it is not advisable to store foods in office desk drawers and risk spilling soup on crucial business documents.


Control Measures

When dealing with a persistent pest problem, set up insect light traps and install flywire doors, window screens, and rodent baits. You can use organic pesticides to spray problem areas. However, if the problem gets out of hand, consider hiring pest control specialists.



Pests in the workplace are an issue faced by numerous businesses. Therefore, managers and employees ought to work together in order to manage current pest invasions and prevent future ones. To achieve this, it is advisable to hire renowned pest management and prevention companies in your area. They will examine your workplace to determine existing pest triggers, pest-proof your workplace, and offer pest control and prevention training to employees.

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