Why Title Tags are the Key to SEO Success 

Clare Louise December 25, 2017 Comments Off on Why Title Tags are the Key to SEO Success 
Why Title Tags are the Key to SEO Success 

Why are title tags essential for any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy? Title tags tell search engines and searchers what your page is about. Well-crafted title tags motivate a searcher to click through to your site and learn more about your business. The more traffic you draw to your website, the more visitors you will convert to customers.

Here are some tips to writing effective and appealing title tags:

Keep it short. Title tag should not be longer than 60 characters. Google and other search engines only display up to 60 characters.
Joe’s Coffee

Avoid keyboard stuffing. Adding unnecessary keywords to the title to increase search ranking is a turn off for customers as they may see the site as having no context.

Select the most important keywords. Create a phrase using the important keywords to serve as your title tag.
Joe’s Coffee | Fresh-Roasted Coffee in Statesville, NY

Create a unique title tag for every web page. Visitors may find your website through one of the content pages so important not to duplicate titles.
Espresso Bar in Statesville, NY | Joe’s Coffee

Write a persuasive subtitle. A meta description tag is viewed below the title contents and serves as a subtitle. An appealing description tag will help a customer decide to visit your site.
Joe’s Coffee is a coffee shop and espresso bar in Statesville, NY. Fresh-Roasted Coffee

Review click-through results regularly. Revise the title tags on any pages with a low click-through rate.

Understanding the key role title tags play in boosting the number of visitors to your website is important. Let us help you create the title tags your customers will not be able to resist. You will see an increase your customer conversion rate by 10-20 percent.

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