Uber Ready? Make Sure You Have The Right Car Insurance Protection

William Bender August 25, 2016 Comments Off on Uber Ready? Make Sure You Have The Right Car Insurance Protection
Uber Ready? Make Sure You Have The Right Car Insurance Protection

Who couldn’t use a little extra income from giving someone a ride? In the good old days, all you had to do was stick up your thumb, and if you were all going the same way, people felt safe giving you a lift. Things have certainly changed over the past half century. Not many would consider pulling over for anyone, regardless if they were out in the rain, or had a flat tire. That is what makes the phenomenon of Uber so intriguing.

The idea behind the “Uber” app was that people could ride share if they were going the same way, and split the cost, but it has grown into a more “independent contractor” arrangement for some people. At a time when unemployment is staying stagnant, and people are finding themselves in the red every month, supplying a ride for money seems like a very easy and sane thing to do.Image result for Uber Ready? Make Sure You Have The Right Car Insurance Protection

The problem with Uber is that there are all sorts of legalities that haven’t been addressed. A work in progress, if you are giving someone a ride for money, then technically you have turned your vehicle into a commercial transport, which needs special license and insurance. The average Uber driver is signing up and picking up without having any idea about the consequences they may face if something goes wrong.

Addressing the new windfall that is likely to result from Uber litigation, Intact Insurance, a premium insurance carrier in Canada is debuting something they call ridesharing car insurance policy for the Ontario area. Not only insuring the individual to drive their car, it is also giving them options to add an additional rider to cover the passengers that they will be transporting through the Uber system.

Recently approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, you are now able to officially buy car insurance in the Ontario area that is more encompassing and will cover you if you work for Uber. Not yet available for car insurance in Winnipeg, the first of its kind to recognize that when you drive for the Uber company, you are an independent transport carrier, the new policy addresses concerns about using your car as a commercial vehicle.

Ridesharing Car Insurance Canada, as it is being called, is allowing those who want to make a living on Uber the ability to ensure that they are covered if something should happen. There is great concern that other car insurance carriers could use the commercial transport as a means not to cover the passenger of an Uber vehicle, which makes this an excellent option for those looking to cover themselves all the way around.

Making it even easier, you can get an instant quote to see if the rider is even worth it. There are times when the additional insurance you need to cover any business doesn’t make good business sense. If you intend to only give a few rides a month, paying a premium to do so, simply doesn’t seem feasible. Starting in Alberta and seeing a great calling, ridesharingcarinsruance.ca is now expanding their operation to Ontario with excellent results.

Uber drivers are now capable of carrying commercial insurance for their self-owned vehicle and to operate fully thanks to the new type of policy offered. Intact Insurance has been working alongside Uber for a while to fine-tune the logistics and to make it an insurance that will no only increase Uber’s worker numbers who will feel less vulnerable, but it will increase Uber’s legitimacy as a real “business” even though the cars and drivers are independently owned and operated. Making both drivers and passengers feel more “secure,” the insurance is really doing wonders for both the company and Uber users.

The idea behind the ridesharing policy is to cover everyone involved, the driver, the passenger and any third party, and can be completely customized to fit the needs of the Uber driver. The way it works is that the policy begins when the Uber app is opened and continues until the transaction is complete so that the driver isn’t paying the premium when not being hired out. A great way to target people who are looking to make a little extra money, Intact should be thanked for making the first sensible alternative to either high-priced commercial insurance, or insurance that is so limited you are leaving yourself vulnerable to litigation.

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