Understanding Mutual Funds

John McDonald June 13, 2017 Comments Off on Understanding Mutual Funds
Understanding Mutual Funds

What are mutual funds? Why everyone keeps on talking about them? This is one of the few questions that come to every young investor’s mind. So, let us reveal the mysteries of mutual funds to you.

Investment in financial tools is nothing but an investment in a financially secured future and a comfortable lifestyle. While for some the idea of fixed deposits may seem a good option for financial security, most may find it absurd to let their hard earned money depreciate over the years at a steady rate. The best investment would be in financial tools like mutual funds, which not only yields high returns but is also low on the risk forefront.

What is mutual fund?

A mutual fund is typically an investment vehicle, an open-ended fund that is essentially operated by a functioning investment company, which tends to raise cash from various shareholders and then makes an investment in a group of the asset, as per the pre-stated objectives.

Mutual Fund raises money through the process of selling the shares of the funds to the people. The money that is received as proceeds is then invested in financial bonds, stocks, money market instruments and several other securities. There are many online portals for mutual fund investment which helps you in making the right decision and simplify your investments.


Why is it an excellent investment choice?

Mutual funds happen to be a favoured option of financial investment for the investors and the credit for the same goes to its low risk on investment feature. When compared to most other investment options, mutual funds bear a low-risk possibility and therefore it makes the customers invest freely in its policy.  Besides advantages like professional management, affordability, benefit on tax, diversification, flexibility and etc others, mutual funds guarantee good returns on the maturity of an investment policy.

How to buy investment fund?

 When it comes to investing hard earned money, it is always advisable to be a little more cautious about the entire investment procedure. The following information would make it easier for the beginners to grasp the concept of purchasing an investment fund.

  • Direct purchase: To be extra sure about the credibility and security, clients can purchase their policy directly from the mutual fund companies. Always invest in a reliable and reputed mutual fund company.
  • Mutual Fund Supermarkets: Supermarkets for mutual funds are quite convenient in hosting the funds of multiple providers. It is an ultimate one stop destination that saves from the continuous hassle of syncing the portfolio. Weigh all the benefits and expenditure before making any transaction in a mutual fund supermarket.
  • Broker: for those who like the professional assistance of financial planners to steer clear of the complexities of finance, it is advisable to get reliable help. Appointing brokers would mean paying extra charges to avail their service, so, make sure to weigh all the pros and cons before appointing a finance planner to take care of your investment.
  • Timing: Timing can play a very crucial role when it comes to tax payments. It is advisable to take a note if there would be a taxable distribution in the third quarter. It is always a better idea to plan the purchase in a time when unnecessary money is not spent in paying off taxes and faux gains.
  • AMC: investors can also resort to online transactions of mutual funds that are offered by the asset management companies. After the PAN and KYC formalities are completed, the prospected transactions can be taken care online through an active bank account. The major benefit of the service of AMC is that it is economical.


Investing in the suitable mutual fund will ease your financial situation once you get acquainted with the market and its behaviour.

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