Useful Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone

William Bender December 17, 2015 Comments Off on Useful Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone
Useful Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone

May people today think about getting used smartphones first of all because this is a great way of saving money. Moreover, when you buy a used phone you already know about its pros and cons not only from a seller but from all the other people using the same model. It means that you have a better possibility to choose exactly what you need. So go ahead and read some tips about choosing the right and good used smartphone.

Visual examination

First make some research or just imagine the phone you want to buy, let’s take, for example, an HTC model. Then you compared prices for HTC phones of your model and you need to come up to one option. After comes just the right time to look precisely at the item you have chosen. Check the corpus and the screen of the phone. Make sure that even if it has any scratches they do not influence on its functionality. Check the battery and inner parts of the phone: make sure there are no signs of rot. If there are, forget about this item and look further.

Touchscreen and keyboard

After the visual examination of all the important parts of the smartphone is done, make sure that you check its functionality. To check the screen, try to swipe it several times in different directions and make sure there are no lags. Also try to call the phone in order to check the speed of the screen’s work. With the keyboard it is usually easy, because most smartphones do not have one. But if your option does, just make sure that all the buttons work correctly and fast. Make sure that you check every button separately. “Turn on/off” button and the only iPhone’s button should be checked very precisely.

Camera and other important personal features


After the visual examination you might have already found any disadvantages. If everything seems to be perfect, check the work of the camera. If a phone has the flash light, check its work too. Make sure, that there are no cracks or dots on the pictures. Also make pictures with the touch screen and button options to make sure that both work.

In case you plan to listen to music a lot, make sure that the port for the headphones works and that the sound is right. Check also the dynamic and microphone for the calls.

Getting the price right

After you have checked the main features that are interesting for you it is very important not to overpay. In general, used phones cost less, but how much less you usually do not know in the beginning. So try some tools like price checkers of just check the prices for used phones manually in order to make sure that you get the phone of your dreams for the right price. Just monitor the market and then compare with the price you are offered to pay. If you believe that it is a little high, try to negotiate it with the seller.

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