Want To Take Your Business To Entire Europe? Incorporate a Company in the UK

Joseph Herrera July 16, 2018 Comments Off on Want To Take Your Business To Entire Europe? Incorporate a Company in the UK
Want To Take Your Business To Entire Europe? Incorporate a Company in the UK

The United Kingdom holds a special place in the heart of Europe. Well its exit from the EU might have dimmed the prospects for its position, but do not be cheated that its status will change. Its strategic location and history with its neighbors give businesses the perfect launch pad for faster growth and success. Other advantages of incorporating a business in the UK include;  

  • The country has a highly educated population.
  • The infrastructure of the jurisdiction is very advanced.
  • It has entered into very many trade agreements with other countries.
  • There is a readily available local market for your products.

As an entrepreneur, the first step to taking advantage of this high potential market is registering a company in the jurisdiction. Here are the two main methods that you can use to register a company.

Register the company on your own

The UK company registration non resident requires you to prepare all the documents on your own and submitting them to the Companies House at Crown Way, Cardiff. Here are the main documents and requirements that you need to prepare.

  • The article of Association.
  • Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Statement of the company’s initial share capital.
  • The relevant info about the company secretary.
  • The company’s physical address.

Though the UK administration has focused on making the process of company registration easy, there is no denying it that a lot of investors still find it an uphill task. To those without a legal background, crafting a business structure such as Articles of Association can be too much to ask. The best route to follow is using an expert agency.

UK company registration through an agency

Agencies are firms that are allowed by the UK administration to assist entrepreneurs register companies in the jurisdiction. They have been in the market for years and got all the experience to get the company registered promptly. Here are other benefits to expect for using agents in UK company registration non resident.

  • The agency will prepare all the documents you need professionally. This will help to get your application processed faster.
  • The agency will not leave you after incorporating a company in the UK. Rather, they will walk with you to ensure that the entry and early establishment is smooth.
  • Having been in the UK market for some time, the agency will assist with crafting workable strategies for faster growth and success.
  • The agency will help you look for the best place to locate your business depending on the product and the targets. Though you might have thought that the best place to locate the business is in London, more insights might reveal that Manchester or Wales is better.

If you handle the UK company registration non resident appropriately, it will become a stepping stone for the enterprise to success. You need to understand the market and bring the best agency as close as possible. Working with experts makes it possible to build on their expertise to accelerate the enterprise’s growth in the UK and beyond.

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