Wedding Dress Shapes – Your Concise Guide to Choosing The Right Skirt Shape

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Wedding Dress Shapes – Your Concise Guide to Choosing The Right Skirt Shape

Most bride have an idea whether they want an inside wedding or an outside wedding. Whilst some dream of traditional cathedral weddings, others prefer pitching a marquee in a scenic surrounding. However, choosing the venue is only half of the job. The shape of the skirt still has to be decided on!

For the majority of women who enter a bridal shop, it is indeed this element that they are thinking about. In the UK, the most common desire is for a puffy ball gown style. Sometimes, when a bride-to-be steps into a design of skirt, she realises that she loves the idea but doesn’t love how it looks on her. Our encouragement is always for women to enter the store with an open mind and be ready to take every style of skirt into the fitting room. That’s because you really don’t know what dress you’re going to fall heads over heels for. Not too sure on what skirt choices are available? Keep reading.

A-Line Style

After the ball gown, it is the A line skirt style that comes in at number two in terms of popularity. This design tends to start narrow and become wider as it flows down, making it into a fluid A shape. This skirt style makes the hips appear smaller, gives the appearance of a small waist and brings the attention towards the bust. For dresses that already have lots of detail on the bust, this style works very well since the style diverts attention upwards. In fact, when you look at many A line dresses you will see that the skirt is simple while the bodice is complex and detailed.

Ball Gown Style

The full length, puffy skirt usually with several layers of tulle and chiffon to give volume, is known to us as the ball gown style. Brides who are all about fairy tale weddings tend to like this choice and can choose anything from a simple dress with a wide base to a meringue style dress that is all about puff and volume. This style gives the impression of a smaller waist due to the sheer volume of material and gathering. In addition, even a simple bodice can look glamorous with this style. All necklines and body shapes tend to suit this style, making it the most versatile skirt choice available.

Column Style

The slim fitting dress that provides a straight shape from top to bottom is known as a straight skirt, or column dress. To achieve a natural flow, rather than a stiff cardboard appearance, these dresses are often made from light chiffon or silk. The dress style hugs the figure, making it popular with brides who are slim. However, for this choice to really work and give the smooth silhouette appearance that is needed, the bride-to-be needs to invest in a good control bodice, no matter how petite they happen to be.

Fishtail Style

For a unique and attention-grabbing dress, the mermaid skirt or fishtail, is a popular choice. The skirt hugs the body at the waist and down to the knees, before flaring to the ground. This style is popular on the red carpet and at weddings with a glamorous feel. The style should be worn by a bride with curves, especially around the hips and the material chosen should be all about creating a smooth, lump-free appearance. Taller brides will wear this well as the more height the dress has, the more elegant it looks.

Empire Style

Lastly, the high-waist empire style gathers under the bust and flows downwards into a loose fitting skirt. Slim brides with small bust will like how this style accentuates the bust area and can also give the appearance of being taller. This style is good for taking attention away from the waist and hips and bringing the eye upwards.

Choosing your perfect wedding dress is all about choosing two great styles that flatter your individual shape. Each of the skirt styles mentioned are available in countless combinations by trying out different necklines, detailing and materials.

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