What Is a Built-In Table Power Outlet and What Are Its Benefits?

Carol Gilmore March 29, 2019 Comments Off on What Is a Built-In Table Power Outlet and What Are Its Benefits?
What Is a Built-In Table Power Outlet and What Are Its Benefits?

Having power and connectivity at your table, desk, or any other similar item can be very convenient. At the same time, this removes the need for too many cables running through the floor as they can get damaged, cause someone to trip over and injure themselves, and simply create a lot of clutter you don’t need.

With built-in table power outlets, you can remove all of the negative aspects of floor cables while getting the necessary power you need. as well as data. Furthermore, there are many options that include USB, AC, and Cat configurations. Built-in or stationary table power outlets are one type of table outlets you can find.

There are also removable table outlets and pop-up table outlets but today, we are going to talk about built-in outlets, their advantages and how they work overall.

Choosing a Built-in Table Power Outlet

When choosing an appropriate built-in table outlet, you need to consider a lot of different aspects no matter if you need it for the office, home, conference room, or any other area. First of all, you need to consider the type of connectivity you need so consider USB charging, AC power supply, Ethernet ports, and other options.

On the other hand, these outlets also have an aesthetic function so make sure to consider this aspect as well. Remember, built-in power outlets are permanently installed into the table so make sure you find something that will look good always.

Additionally, consider the material, shape, and size while taking into account the exact placement of the outlet and whether or not it can fit in perfectly with all of the connectivity options that you need. In general, there are three kinds of built-in table power outlets and now we will discuss a bit more about them.

Flush Built-in Table Power Outlets

As the name suggests, these built-in table outlets are usually completely flush or just partially flush with the top surface of the table. However, other outlets can be uncovered, accessed, and remain visible. These kinds of outlets can be inserted in desktops spots that have snugs, armrests, and even some other type of furniture where they can conveniently sit without obstructing anything.

This means that the surface can be used regularly as before while at the same time making all of the connections easily accessible. This is a great application for desks where lots of people sit down for purposes that require connectivity but there are also a lot of those that don’t need it. Some examples include airports or hotel furniture where these outlets are commonly used.

Cover and Concealed Built-in Outlets

This type of built-in outlet has the option to conceal all of the ports using a cover that flips over, a pop-up top, or a top which is hinged. These kinds of outlets are specifically designed for the purpose when there is no need for outlets to be visible when they are not used. For example, if you have a specifically designed room where visible outlets would stand out drastically, this is a great solution.

In general, these outlets have the most modern look with a sleek design. They are minimalistic due to their ability to hide plug ports. They can also be used in conference rooms that aren’t very often used for their connectivity but can be if required.

Built-in Outlets with Elevated Inserts

These power outlets are very obtrusive but can be accessed really easily. As their name implies, they stick on top of the desk or on the side surface, depending on where they are installed. They require a lot of space on the surface meaning that space, where they are installed, won’t be used for anything else but connectivity. Even though there are designs that make them less visible, it doesn’t change things drastically.

However, there are options with interesting designs that will decorate your table further and some even have added functionalities and can serve as pen holders. However, connecting to them is a piece of cake and they can be reached instantly. Plus, they offer a lot of different connectivity options.

These are the three types of built-in power outlets you can choose from. Find the right one depending on your needs and remember that these outlets require you to make changes to your desk or table and they will leave a permanent cavity in them after you install them.

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