Why choose Universal Coin & Bullion over other dealers?

Clare Louise January 28, 2019 Comments Off on Why choose Universal Coin & Bullion over other dealers?
Why choose Universal Coin & Bullion over other dealers?

If you want to buy gold rare gold coins, then Universal Coin & Bullion is the place to be.  Its president Dr. Mike Fuljenz is an American gold expert who helps in discovering the gold expert advantage from universal coin and bullion.

Why Universal Coin & Bullion?

Making the choice:

The first reason for selecting Universal Coin and Bullion is getting the 40 years of experience of Dr. Mike Fuljenz who along with his team helps in getting the first and early pick of the best of new coin deals in recommended areas for their customers.


Then comes the quality. The coins get selected through a true gold expert and rare coin expert thus assuring the true quality and grade, thus assuring the quality.

Extensive inventory:

They have got an extensive inventory. Most of the dealers don’t have proper inventory for their customers. Which leads to using of other dealer’s leftover inventory when the customer order comes, but universal coin carries extensive inventory in their recommended areas, so that they can consistently deliver some of the best coin quality and value for their customers.

If you are a customer of universal coin or is thinking to be one, then there should be any worry, for Mr. Mike has been a contributor to leading guidebooks so there can be assured of competitive value for the hand-selected quality coins and service in the selected areas.

Better sell values:

One of the most problems that the customer faces is the value of the product when they sell.  But with Universal Coin and Bullion you can be assured of high value while selling. They pay high buy prices for the customer’s coins. This is possible for the large customer base nationwide which makes his inventory move quickly. Being an expert in gold, Mike can offer higher prices for the gold coins in the selected areas that he specializes in compared to what customers net from auctions, which typically include substantial buyer and seller fees.

A trusted guide:

Mike got recognition from some of the top organizations like the Numismatic Literary Guide and Press Club of Southeast Texas. He got nationwide recognition for his expertise and leadership in his area. He is passionate enough and makes sure that his customer gets the best information available, to make the best gold decisions. He has led organizations as a chairman, board member, an officer. Many market leaders listen to what he speaks or the predictions that he makes. The strategies and expert advice that he gives continually create demand, popularity, and support for coins in the selected areas. His popularity got boosted by authoring award-winning books, articles, and advertisements that draw new collectors, investors and leaders to these areas.

Exchange policy:

Once your return privilege has ended, it might be difficult to exchange your rare coin purchase. At such situations, the inventory of Dr. Mike Fuljenz comes as a rescue. The Universal Coin & Bullion team attempts to exchange your coin for the same grade and grading service specimen selected from their inventory at no charge.

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