Why there is need of Craigslist alternatives? And why they are better than craigslist

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Why there is need of Craigslist alternatives? And why they are better than craigslist

Craigslist is one of the popular free classified that is widely used in America but from the last couple of years, people are searching for their alternatives. And the primary reason is due to an increase in the number of criminal’s activities and frauds. Fraudsters use this as an easy and free platform to implicate genuine buyer and seller. The number of fraud cases keeps increasing and now many regular followers of craigslist have now moved to craigslist alternatives.

We all know there is no third party involved while making the deal only buyer and seller are the independent person and that’s what makes this platform quiet weak from the security perspective. Now there are many sites like craigslist are available which are safer and has a highly targeted audience as per your need. They are also providing third-party fund security which means the whole transaction would go through in the hands of the third party and if anyone breaches the condition the case would go for escalation. These sites also provide very specific listing which helps the buyer and seller to find the targeted audience.

Benefits of Craigslist Alternatives

  1. Fewer scammers and frauds because there are nominal fees for listing and for fund security.
  2. They provide more targeted audience through additional feature listing.
  3. They are also providing additional features like top listing, premium display and some other different types of listing which could be beneficial based on product and location.
  4. If any dispute arises they have policies and legal laws through which redressal can be easily done.
  5. Percentage of the genuine buyer is quite higher on these websites as compared to a free platform. 

What is the craigslist future?

No matter how many risks are increasing the popularity of the free platform can never be zero. And if you know how to use these platforms you would still prefer to be part of them. But now there is space created by this website to take over by the paid ones. But as per the expert’s entrepreneur are seeing lots of good opportunities to create a substitute of craigslist for better services. 

Craigslist alternative websites do not mean you can’t use craigslist anymore it is just a substitute for certain deals where you don’t want to take the risk. Or you are looking highly targeted audience to fulfill your needs. Let’s take an example that you want to make a deal which involves lots of money and looking for a buyer from a specific area, in this case, we would recommend going some paid listing rather than choosing a free platform where scammers are searching such kind of deals. 

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Some of the best Craigslist alternatives

There are tons of website available and everyone has its own significance but here we are going to discuss which is common and popular. 

  1. Oodle
  2. CityNews
  3. Abadoo
  4. Locanto
  5. Backpage
  6. Classifiedgiants
  7. Hoobly
  8. pennysaver USA
  9. Trovit
  10. Peerhub

These are some of the best craigslist alternatives which you can try but there are many other websites which are providing similar services and quiet popular in their local area. For that, you can try a local search over the internet and can go for your desired website

How to use craigslist safely?

In many cases, you can still use craigslist but you need to make sure that it should be done carefully. You need to cross check everything so that you won’t fall into the trap. Always try to make a local deal so that you can easily visit and verify in case if it is required. Try to avoid buying selling which involves a huge amount of cash and location other than local. However, for the normal deal, you can try wherever you want such as listing free products, job classified and small products. 


If you are one of the people who have fed up with craigslist due to increase number of scammers an frauds. And looking at some websites who can provide you the same service with more security and in a better way then you probably are looking at the list of craigslist alternative which we have just shared. Now select your desired site based on your location and product demand and get your listing done. These sites charge a nominal fee but provide some additional features and great service. 


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